Australian Critics of Scientology
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Personal encounters with Scientology

More of these are welcomed - please send yours in! Anything from years in Scientology to a joyous tale of confronting the Ronbot on the street...

BornAgainWog/Ex-Scio Kid: Mental Treatment and the C of S

"Way, way back when I was a boy (about 12) I got to see my first 'psychotic break'. A woman at the local org was having some processing and she totally 'lost it'."

BornAgainWog/Ex-Scio Kid: False memories

"Anyone that has been around $cio for any length of time has witnessed exactly this as a commonplace thing. People in abject fear of imagined past 'crimes', and the terror of being denied 'the bridge' as the only way to handle these 'crimes'."

David Bromage and the NOTs

David Bromage webbed the NOTs, for a short time. This is Frank Copeland's page about the affair.

David Carter: An Essay on Scientology: Overview of the cult's ideology

An Australian classic. David was in the Church for many years, including time in the Sea Org and at Flag.

Louise Cook

W. Coutts: anti-freedom

Getting sent from Australia to the US, CoS refusing to return his passport ...

David Gerard

Here we have VUT, Xenu Magazine, NOTs in Australia and the Private Investigator. Plus other stuff on the index page.

You may also be interested in the Why I Do This page.

Jan Groenveld: Cult scare tactics

"I had the axle nuts on my car loosened (parked in driveway), my brake line 'developed a leak', my phone was bugged, my home was bugged and I was visited by PIs trying to get info by posing as family of cult members ... I found that when you take a public stand against them and expose what they are doing they back off."

Fier (Hemi Hill): Best and worst - 2 experiences in CoS

Good and bad times on staff at the Canberra Org.

Tym Jeffery: A Specific Case History of the Cult's Ability to Sucker People in

Body-routed in, getting as far as watching twenty minutes of Orientation before realising this is a bad idea ...

Glen McClelland: Regarding Exit Counselling

Glen is the son of Tony McClelland, who set up CultAware after Glen left Scientology after exit counselling. "My exit counselling was basically the open discussion of Scientology & L Ron Hubbard & the presentation of information I was unaware of. Much of the time taken was with me reading information (that was new to me) about the church of Scientology. Incidentally, such a discussion could not have taken place within the church as the expression of a negative view on any aspect of Scientology is defined, by Scientology, to be 'natter' & it is treated as unacceptable; as such it is quickly & methodically silenced."

Tony McClelland: 10.30pm phone call from Brian Johnston OSA

Tue 02 Sep 1997, 10:30pm: a phone call from Brian Johnston (roving researcher for the CoS in Australia) - fishing for information on the whereabouts of American exit counsellor Joe Szimhart. Tony handles him nicely.

Pertti Muhli

Name Withheld: Does the Introspection Rundown get worse than this?

A statement made by an Australian Scientologist after his release by police from the Introspection Rundown. Names and places have been changed.

Name Withheld: Scientology Story

"I just wanted to be a part of that 'feeling', that 'group' who I deep down knew didn't have all the answers but was willing to go along with because of that 'feeling'."

Julian Palmer: A Meeting With Scientology

Meeting the Ronbot in the street, doing the Personality Test, being intimidated by the test marker, getting out with wallet intact ...

Stuart Riley: Open letter to son Lee

As published in the Courier-Mail, Brisbane. Stuart actually got his son out of Scientology by maintaining his protest against the CoS until they kicked Lee out. It really works!

SP 1 Or 2: A visit from RTC (Australian Branch?)

November 1997: Perth Org sends da boyz round (heh) in an attempt to stem the flood of Xemu leaflets ...

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