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Me and Scientology

I'll expand this section considerably when I can be bothered. In the meantime I have the following, in roughly reverse chronological order or so. But first, be sure to read why I am doing all this.

Private Investigations!

September 1997: Calls to both Suburbia and Thingy from someone claiming to be a private investigator, wanting information on my activities through said ISPs. This is 100% standard procedure for a Noisy Investigation. (See also the OSA Points Calculator for how the CoS figures out who's a worthy target.)

I'm not sure why it's happened this time, but I suspect the spreading of the Xemu Leaflet may have something to do with it. Or maybe they were just bored again.

NOTs posting

April-May 1997: The judgement came through that the RTC doesn't have the rights to the NOTs - a bankrupt corporate shell called the CSC does. And they can't sue until their debts are clear. So I posted 'em to see what the Church would do. I have a pile of stuff on the subject for your entertainment.

The final outcome was that they didn't do anything ... they gave me material to threaten them back with. Silly Co$.

Meeting with Brian Johnston, Australian CoS

November 1996: Got this call asking for a meeting with Brian Johnston, roving researcher for the local CoS. Frank Copeland, Cyril Vosper and I went along to meet him and public Scientology member (and a.r.s poster) Tim Jones. Here's the initial report on the meeting; a transcript will follow. (When I find the tape. And here I was hassling Frank to hurry up with it [blush] ...)


1995 onwards: Unsubstantiated legal threats under Californian state law sent to me, an Australian citizen who has never set foot in the US and has no intention of doing so. How pointful.

VUT and me

1995 to 1997: I started posting to alt.religion.scientology from my account at Victoria University of Technology, which I was attending and working at in 1995. The Church of Scientology decided that attacking my account would be a good way to stop my criticism of the Church's activities. Um, yeah.

Xenu the Magazine

Late 1995: Xenu is the Galactic Emperor who brought the excess population of the Marcabian Empire to Earth and destroyed them by strapping them to volcanoes, or so L. Ron Hubbard would have you believe. We decided to publish a magazine named after him in late 1995. The Church was not happy about this.

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