How to contact David Gerard

I'm not that hard to get in touch with, really I'm not; but I can't presently do the instantaneous-response thing.

I get lots of e-mail, but I try to respond as soon as I read it if I'm going to; if I don't, I tend to put it into the 'to be answered' pile and may neglect it for a while. I'm trying to get better with this, honestly. (It's usually the important ones that get delayed ;-)

Postal address:
None at present. Email me.

Status of commonly-known E-mail addresses:
Use this one first - this is the address I live on and check most often (every day or two). This is the quickest way to get in touch with me - or the least slow, anyway. The link to the outside world is fairly reliable.
Gone with Thingy.
The address I used to post to Usenet with in 1999. Long-retired.
Possibly my best-known address on the Web, and certainly as far as the critic of Scientology pages are known. Forwards to GMail. A reliable address for now.
My address at Netizen, which has disappeared with Netizen.
My best-known address on Usenet from 1995 until 1997. No longer in existence; email to it will bounce.
Out of action since Toxic's hard disk died. Likely to revive when I have something to put on my Web page there :-)
Courtesy of the alt.religion.scientology Central Committee, which does not exist. These addresses appear to have stopped working.
These are all the same address, which I used on Usenet up to mid-1997. I shut it two years later, as it had received nothing but spam in that time. Oh well.
This is actually the address for whoever is the Media Officer at Victoria University Student Union, and that's no longer me (and hasn't been since mid-1996), so it's no longer in use by me.

Street address:

Not for this page.


None at present, unfortunately. Send it as e-mail.

Other contact methods:

I give these out as necessary and they change fairly often anyway. I'll let you know.

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