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A visit from RTC (Australian Branch?)

SP 1 Or 2, Sun 16 Nov 1997

From: not@this.time (sp 1 or 2 ?)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: A visit from RTC (Australian Branch ?)
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 10:10:08 GMT
Message-ID: <>

This is more amusing than anything..

Had a visit (I'm in Perth, Western Australia, about as far away as you
can get from all the interesting action) from a couple of $cio's - one
local and one from the East (Carmen something ???).

It was about a posting of mine in April (yep, April, is that a comm
lag or what ??).  I don't even remember what it could have been but
they managed to track me down (not too hard  - I gave my real email
address at the time and a simple 'finger' gave all the details).  I
put the delay down to staff shortages rather than incompetence -
benefit of the doubt and all that.

Apparently it was about my 'distributing confidential materials'.  I
think maybe it referred to Roland's Xenu leaflet (is that

Anyway, they had had a prepared 'document'  for me to sign, avowing
that I wouldn't do this or that.  It was far too encompassing and I
wouldn't sign it of course, but by way of 'ending cycle' for them I
agreed not to distribute any confidential materials (is there such a
thing anymore ?)

Poor guys - I knew the local one;  a long, long time $cio and a friend
really, and the quite nice but, alas, so mind-scrambled Carmen (?) 

Just thought you'd like to know that the long arm of the RTC reaches
(albeit very slowly) all the way down under and west.

Does this make me better than an SP1?

All I've ever got before was a typical worthless MikeSmith3 retort,
and I've never wanted to count that.

Shuddered into Anonimity ;)


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