Australian Critics of Scientology
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Leaflets about, against and from Scientology

Leaflets for you to use

The leaflets below are designed to be printed out from Netscape, Internet Explorer or whatever, and photocopied for easy and quick use. You should experiment with fonts and font sizes, to see what fills a page or half-page - I recommend Helvetica (Macintosh) or Arial (Windows), as this typeface photocopies very well, particularly for copies-of-copies.

Doing lynx -dump [URL] also works quite well with Lynx versions 2.5 or later.

You will need to adapt some of these for local circumstances and dates. The best way to do this is to download the file to your machine, then edit your copy (e.g. in Notepad or Netscape Gold) and load it in Netscape for printing. Alternately, you can just white-out the date-specific and locality-specific bits and stick your own local information in place.

Leaflets handed out by the Scientologists

How to spread leaflets

[Demonstrations against Scientology]