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NOTs in Australia

Q. Give an example of a 'copyright criminal'.
A. An organisation that spends six years selling (at six hundred dollars per hour), and suing and harassing people over, something it doesn't own and never did.

I'll write this index page in more detail one day. Here are some documents that will help tell the story.

There are a number of other letters which I haven't put up above, but hope to at least summarise some time.

More NOTs

The Church's legal harassment led to another round of NOTs posting (how very odd), with a legal threat being sent from the account of Church lawyer Helena Kobrin every time anyone posted any fragment whatsoever, even a header. Here we have some responses from Gregg Hagglund to the Ho':

Cancelbunnies on the loose!

The NOTs postings got cancelbunnied, of course. And most of the open/semi-open servers in question haven't responded to any mail on the subject. (Though here's a letter to me from one server,, where they explain that they can't possibly track down someone abusing their network ... one wonders how they'd ever trace a spammer.)

Here's a pile of cancels. Note the approach of cancelling around the world simultaneously, in an attempt to utterly kill the post in question.

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