Australian Critics of Scientology
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W. Coutts, Fri 19 Mar 1999

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: anti--freedom
Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 19:48:54 GMT

You guys are all full of horse shit, I was once attached to your
wonderful church, they lied to me about getting me in, promised to pay
for my airfare to America from Australia, made me quit my job, sell my
car, then told me after all was said and not much done that they
didn't have the money to pay for my airfare and could I buy my own
ticket, they would pay me back, I am still waiting. I joined your
computer org, I found that most of the people there did not know there
shit. They spent all of their money on making LRH's office look really
good, whilst the rest of the org eats rice and beans because they
don't have nough money for food.

Even when I was a member for the org, and I was informed it was my
responsibility to ensure that all of the computer were clean and in
good condition the other org's couldnt maintain the expensive computer
equipment they had purchased nor were they given the training to do
so. Auditing is shit, nothing worse than some guy telling you you arre
lying because his little polygraph tells him so. I left on long term
leave to go back to Australia and settle my debts, I kept in constant
contact with my org and when I arrived back in LA, they wanted nothing
to do with me, they did however want to take my passport from me for
safe keeping and not give it back. They took my return ticket away
from me and it took a visit to the Australian Consulate and the
Consulate General calling the head of the little white police force
that you have there before they returned all of my possesions and
allowed me to leave. The consulate general threatened to cancel all
religious visa's to Australia, and bounce the ones already in
Australia out if they did not comply, they had their tail between
their legs when they did.

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