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Scientology organisations in Australia: Perth

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Church of Scientology
106-108 Murray Street, Perth 6000
phone: (08) 9221 9666
fax: (08) 9221 9866
Dianetics: (08) 9221 9766

[current org - 15K JPEG]

1. The Church is now over the east side of the Mall, on the south side of Murray Street (106 Murray Street). Nice location for foot traffic. They seem to have the basement under and the office over the old Wonderland of Toys.

[Dianetics side - 8K JPEG][Scientology side - 11K JPEG]

2, 3. That's the Dianetics side lurking on the left there and the Scientology side on the right.

['Now Hiring' - 6K JPEG]

4. The sign you see is the ubiquitous 'Now Hiring'.

[King Street back alleyway - 10K JPEG] [King Street front - 25.5K JPEG]

5. The back of the old Org (39-41 King Street). This is where The Squirrel found many kilograms of Church documents that had been put out the back by mistake. And which he has used to taunt the Church on a.r.s ever since ...

6. And here's a photo of the front. Note that the area looks very nice indeed ... probably what drove the rents high enough for the Church to move elsewhere. Nice sign on the Org, though. Always did like that sign.

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