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Perth Org Executive Directive

Marian Van Der Linde, T/CO PEF, 02 Jan 1983

Note: I've tried to keep this typo-for-typo identical to the original. When you lose track of your aims - redouble your fanaticism! And never mind typing properly - the message is far too urgent to bother with presentation ... the below is a hell of a lot tidier than the original. I'll probably scan it for your entertainment - it positively drips spiritual rabies.

Oh, and paper was evidently running short - this is the original for copying, and it's typed on both sides.

Read this through. Imagine incredibly scrappy typing and copious liquid paper. Imagine being in an environment where this is being used to motivate you.

                                        2 January 1983


                          EXECUTIVE DIRECTIVE

Perth Foundation is currently nowhere near meeting their 5.4 X quotas.
In the past we had the scene where Margaret Watson as CO was very wil-
ling to hold all Div Head posts from above, but this results in extreme
overload on the CO.  Even though there is now a DCO for delivery & exchange
she must concentrate exclusively on those function of her post.  With the
advent of RJ 36, it becomes even more apparent that the Orgs need to ex -
pand & deliver.  This means each & every staff member putting aside any &
all considerations that it can't be done.  The PL that is now going into effect is
9th May 1974 - "Prod - Org, Esto & Older Systems Reconciled".  This PL explains
fully that an Org "must always be posted from the top down".  Perth Fdn has virtual-
ly no Executives posted & these executives have to be posted now  with what
staff we have.  There is no HCO Exec Sec, no Org Exec Sec, no  HCO Area Sec
(Div 1), mo Dissem Sec(Div 2), no Treas Sec(Div 3), no Qual Sec(Div 5),
no Div 6 AB&C Secs.  These posts (or some of them) are now to be filled
as follows.  Where the above canot be filled, an all out , all hands re-
cruitment cycle is  to go into force immediately to get these & the posts in
Divs filled so that you yourselves are then able to operate fully in each of your

The following postings are to take effect immediately:

T/Dessem Sec - Robert Walker - he is not to drop  any successful actions he
has going on the Reg post and is to work hard on recruiting  for his Div -
especially & foremost he is to get the DPM & Dir Pubs post filled so that he can then
continue to work on Reging & recruiting further Reg's.

T/Qual Sec - Marion Deeley - she is to continue her Tech training in the Day as
much as possible so that she can handle this Div.  She is already capable of
holding the Examiner's post and needs to work immediately on recruiting a
Cramming Officer & other staff for her Div.

T/ Field Control Sec - Sylvia Dowdall - Sylvia is to work on handling Field to
contribute to Special Projects the two Perth Orgs now have planned.  This will
great;y cpmtribute to getting Scientology better known & understood in Perth
& W.A.

T/Public Serv Sec - This will be held by Margaret Jackson on her return from Sydey..

All of the above are to get themselves short form Product Cleared within   2 days
of receipt of the E.D. & then immediately set to work to achieve the products of
their posts.

Further to the above, Glyn Evans is to utilize every spare  moment to get on with
his training so that he can deliver further actions than O to IV,  but is to
deliver services when possible as priority.

The Tech Sec & Course Supervisor as well as DCO for Delivery & Exchange, are to work
on filling up the HGC with PC's and trained auditors, the Academy with students, &
the Sauna with Purif R/D's.  These terminals are warned  that failure to deliver
is a treasonable act.  All the above terminals (Tech Div staff & D/CO) are to work
on getting the Academy revitalized & all students back on course who may now be
on leave plus more students  & PC's on lines as above

All Fdn staff are to be present at muster at 6.45 pmeach evening.  A roll will be
kept & Ethics actions taken on continued lateness.


-2- Lets pull together as a team to be reckoned with. We need to get our own Ethics in first then we can work on the field. What needs to be done may be unconfrontable, but the consequences of failing will be even more unconfrontable. "In this minute particle of time we have the opportunity to reverse the downward spiral of life".(LRH RJ 36). Lets do it NOW MARIAN VAN DER LINDE T/CO PEF

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