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Advanced Celebrity Mission Eradication

Bev, Tue 16 Sep 1997

From: Bev <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Advanced Celebrity Mission Eradication
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 12:30:16 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Roland wrote:

> It seems to me that the next big push from the Co$ will be in the form
> of celebrity missions such as the one Chick Corea is planning in Boston.
> This is the way they will do it. They will build a massive place or rent
> a place and spend a fortune on doing it out. Millions of dollars maybe.
> Then they will hire out a park and Chick will give a huge concert and
> sing some songs for LRH and tell everyone how wonderful Dianetics is.
> Maybe there will be 20,000 people there. Then at the end of the concert
> and among all the euphoria they will be signing up people for services
> and raking in an absolute fortune. The missions will be full, Chick will
> pop in from time to time and everybody will be happy. The Co$ will be
> raking it in.

That is a very good PR idea on Co$'s part to bring in new public.

Hubbard stated in his HCO's the importance of celebrities in the 
spread of scientology around the planet.

Like it or not, celebrities are deified by the public and therefore
they have the power to influence and bring people in.

They also have vast financial resources and can easily afford to
finance missions.  They also really believe in what they are doing.

> Unless some people get together arrange for a huge Xemu flyer print-run.
> 100,000 say. And they go to the concert and give them out. They stand
> outside the huge mission and give them out in their thousands. And then
> poor old Chick will lose a vast amount of money and the mission will be
> no more.
> And the same goes for any other celebrity opened mission.

this is good to do anywhere.

The following is simply my own opinion and a suggestion.  The Xemu
flyer is very important as what it accomplishes is exposing the
Co$'s "Bait and Switch" program and also exposes the fact that they
are not HONEST about what they tell the public when asked what it
is they are all about.

But, the emphasis given is what will sway the attention of the public
and also decide ultimately how they can put a spin on it.  In my
opinion only here, they can use it to state discrimination about
their beliefs thereby taking attention to mocking a belief system.

But by simply making a different cover to the same material and
titling it something like "Public Warning: Scientology's Bait and
Switch Lie Exposed, Are You Being Lied To?" or some such title
will I think attract even more attention to the flyer and make
perfectly clear at a glance that it is NOT about mocking beliefs,
but about exposing the fraud.

This is simply my thoughts from observations about getting publics
attention with a quick "sound bite" and also by what type of spin
Co$ always tries to use when they cry bigotry (exposing a LIE being
fraudulently sold to the public is NOT bigotry, it is a public

As for titling, I think back to when Margery Wakefield had pamphlets
she gave out.  The one that I saw got people totally unfamiliar with
the Co$ curiousity up the most was one title "What the Church of 
Scientology ~Doesn't~ Want You To Know" by Jeff Jacobsen and Robert
P.J. Day.

I guess that is because it is a natural instinct for people to want
to know something that someone or some group is trying to hide from
their knowledge.


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