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Current Protest Advisory in Toronto (2 sides)

Gregg Hagglund, Wed 22 Apr 1998

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 03:57:19 -0500
From: (Gregg Hagglund)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Current Protest Advsiory in Toronto (2 sides)
Message-ID: <>

This leaflet is about suitable behaviour for this demonstration. It's
strictly advisory, and won't tell you anything you don't know already; but
I think it's worth having on paper, and this leaflet is also suitable for
public consumption.

Someone of our number will have had to sign their name to a legal Notice of
Demonstration and have filed same with the Metro Toronto Police. It is only
common courtesy and sense that you review this advisory.

Please note: Whomever is the 'host' of this demonstration, he/she are not
responsible for either your safety or your conduct. We are all present here
as independent concerned citizens or residents. We intend to utilise the
picketing practise of 'Gandhi Tech.' Totally non-violent and leavened with
as much good will and cheer, in general, as possible. We will help you if
you are hurt and testify against you if you are hurtful.

However, violence from Church representatives or demonstrators is not expected.

to politely and calmly inform people (general public and Church staff) of
our concern at the Church's abusive actions including, amongst many others:
   1.The abusive treatment of current and former members. 
   2.The harassment and 'Fair Game' attacks on former members and critics,
including the public, the press  and the Judiciary. 
   3.The bait and switch marketing  and 'undue influence' tactics practised
upon its members staff and any  interested public. 
   4.The continuing unsubstantiated claims of a genuine scientific basis
for its product and medical practices. 
   5.And copyright terrorism - on and off the Net.

Remember: while any one mythology may be mirthful or maddening to others,
it is the methodology and mis-conduct of this 'Church' that draws most of
us here to Protest.

We are not here to:
   arass any person for being a Scientologist - they have the firm right
to believe whatever they wish to.  The external and staff members are
generally decent folk who are not responsible for the actions of the  upper
management who instituted the actions we are protesting.
   et into religious arguments as such. It's easy to argue religious
teachings, but that's not the point here.
   estrain any person from leaving or entering the Church premises, or
to block entrances or exits at all.
   enerally cause trouble or breach public order.

It is expected that Church representatives will, inevitably here as
elsewhere, pose as demonstrators and attempt to make us look like
troublemakers. The police are expected to be either present or a stones
throw away and will deal appropriately with anyone who does breach public

Church representatives are expected to:
   otograph and possibly videotape all demonstrators.
   herwise attempt to intimidate demonstrators.
   uestion demonstrators on why they are there and who they represent.
(Church                        policy is that all  anti- CoS activity is
centralised; they don't  understand the concept of the individual concerned
   ttempt to provoke and/or upset demonstrators so as to make the
demonstrators react and hence look like  troublemakers. ***Stay calm!***

 I repeat: Violence from Church representatives is not expected.
We will be recording in various media as much of the demonstration as
possible, for our own security and safety. Should there be trouble, the
troublemakers - from
either side - will be identifiable.


Signed by Your Host for the day:
A  'Bell the Cat', (the Church and the OSA) Volunteer.

^^^^^^^^^^^^And on the Reverse^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


1. Dress for Success
Wear clothing appropriate for the weather. Avoid bringing luggage, backpacks
or other baggage that hangs from your body. People can grab it and your
personal belongings can be stolen or harmed.

Scarves, headwear, and things that dangle from you are bad ideas. They give
people something to grab and this could be used to choke you or others.

Do not wear high heels, wear shoes that are comfortable for you and enable
you to run or walk fast in comfort.

You should carry only one piece of ID. Do not bring your entire wallet.
Pickpockets go to protests and demonstrations. Put money that you need in a
pocket close to your body, inside a jacket or in a sock, if necessary.

2. Make no Mess

Littering is bad form. It will get you noticed in the wrong way. Use garbage
cans and proper receptacles. Being a socially responsible protester makes
you that much more credible. Do not bring picnic foods, or containers that
you can lose or that can be thrown at people.

Likewise, spray paint, markers, and other defacement paraphernalia are
discouraged. If you are involved in making banners, pickets, or signs then
make sure that the materials are stored away from the site, in a secure
place like a locker, or vehicle.

3. Speak No Evil

Sometimes it is hard to keep a civil tongue when you feel strongly about
some issue. Remember your protest is about an issue NOT about a particular
person (usually). As much as you may dislike some organizations, or thing,
swearing or using profanity will detract from your message. your point is a
valid one, and undermining it with indecent language does nothing to help
you. Your message will speak for itself.

4. Be Aware

Watch, look, and listen to what is going on around you. Advise parade or
protest organisers is something suspicious is happening. DO NOT attempt to
fix something yourself. If you are being harassed or assaulted  AND you are
in danger, yell "FIRE"! This will cause heads to turn so make sure you do
this only in an emergency.

Picket with a buddy. Stick together. Do not leave the group unless you have
to flee. Safety comes in numbers and those who would want to hurt you pick
on those who are alone or vulnerable.

5. Eat, Drink and Be Merry - NOT!

Do not come to the protest high, drunk or stoned. This makes you
unpredictable and unreliable. It is definitely NOT good for your cause.
Also, your ability to be aware of what is going on around you will be
impaired. Eat before you come to the protest and be sure you have had a big
drink of water beforehand. You will be doing a lot of shouting and
'protesting' and you may lose your voice or become thirsty. Drinking water
also prevents dehydration.

6. What About the Kids?

This is a hard decision to make. Children should be encouraged to develop a
social conscience and so they get brought along on important events. This is
a call that is up to you. Some organizations provide childcare for
protestors and this may be an option for you. If you think that the
situation will be violent or upsetting then you should make appropriate
decisions for you and them.

Having children with you on a protest is no guarantee that you will not be
hassled. In a worst case scenario, imagine yourself arrested, and being
separated from your children who will be brought by the police to a
children's aid worker... Do you want this?

7. Real Trouble

Real trouble starts when you feel it. Your gut and your instincts are the
very best indicator of this. The presence of police in riot gear is another
sign that things could get ugly. If the police have shields and batons, it
is even worse. Regular police in uniform are nothing to be worried about

When a crowd is going 'over the edge', you can feel it. The surge of people
will be uncomfortable, or exciting. Volume will usually rise. More shouting
happens. Pushing and shoving happens. You may become disoriented.

If this happens, make sure you do not fall down. Get to a wall or railing
where you can support yourself. Stay away from the middle of the area or
street. Get to the edges and get out.

8. The 'Riot Act'

There really is a riot act in Canada. The police can be called in to put
down a disturbance. They will shout directions over megaphones and speakers
telling the people to disperse. This is a command NOT an option. It is
within the power of a police officer to arrest someone who does not obey
this order and stays at a scene of a riot or disturbance. A peace officer is
to keep the peace and if someone is disturbing it then they can be forced to
stop by being arrested.

9. Arrest

If you are arrested by the police do not attempt to fight a police officer.
This will be considered 'resisting arrest'. Give the police your real name
and address when you are arrested. Do not use an alias. Ask to call a lawyer
immediately on arrest. This triggers your rights to silence, counsel, and
other important things.

Do not tell a police officer anything other than your name, address and who
should be called  (i.e. spouse, children). Anything you say, in the police
car, in a cell, on the way to a car or building, can be used against you. Be
careful. If you are being pressured, or pushed to talk tell them that you
"have been advised to exercise your right to silence".

Good luck, and be careful.

This information is general in nature and intended to be used for
information only. No part of this information is specific legal advice and
therefore creates NO legal relationship between the user and the issuer.
A solicitor - client relationship is specifically disclaimed. For legal
advice, users should consult a lawyer.

<<<oo{ At Constant Cause Over the toronto org.}oo>>>
oo>>>{ And sentenced to Death for this SP Act. }<<<oo

["You know, people die if they criticize scientology - 
      I should take care if I were you." 
-Marcus Nyman, OSA (former GO), $cio-org, Stockholm, Sweden.]

 Gregg Hagglund SP5
" I'm sure it's obvious to all who read my stuff, that I have 
serious problems when it comes to being able to communicate."
                            - -RonsAmigo, Official OSA Shill on ARS

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