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Staff-blowing flyer to Dianetic Centers

Roland Rashleigh-Berry, Mon 01 Feb 1999

From: Roland <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Staff-blowing flyer to Dianetic Centers
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 22:03:16 +0000
Message-ID: <7958e1$fc0$>

Arnie Lerma wrote:
> In article <793l14$27s$>, Roland says...
> >Have you got any reply-paid envelopes sent to you by the Co$?
> >Well I would just like to remind you that I posted the staff-
> >blowing flyer to a.b.s. in zipped US letter Word 6 format, "What They
> >Won't Tell You".

> >About time we reversed the flow?

> >Roland

>   any information that bridges the walls that ron built is good works
>   well done.

>   thank you roland

>   arnie lerma
>   ex-deluded-adherent

I am reposting the zipped W6 US letter/spelling version to a.b.s now.
Please, everyone. You can get the addresses of the Co$ from . Dianetics centres are the best. The
staff there have been lied to. In months to come they will be so
conditioned that your attempts to save them will have no effect.
If you can get a copy of the staff-blowing flyer "What They Won't
Tell You" to them soon then you could give them back their lives.
Those young people will be able to rejoin society and their family
and friends and lead productive lives.

I helped blow a young man (aged 21 years) from the Birmingham org
a few months back. He is back with his family now and he will be
resuming his studies at university that he interrupted to join the 
Co$. He has his life back. He has his life back because here in the 
UK we picketers *did something about it*. You can make a big
difference to young people trapped in Scientology by sending out
the staff-blowing flyer to as many Dianetic centres and lower class
orgs as possible. If you picket then put it into their hands. They
won't want to take it but all you have to tell them is that you have
decided to give the flyer out to staff and studenst and that OSA
will need two copies to make a report. Tell them that instead of
having to photocopy it and use org resources you are gining them two
copies that they have to check are identical and pass on to OSA.

It always works.

You can save lives.


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