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'Public Warning'

This is the leaflet that the CoS has been spreading, taking my name in vain. I will be making a defamation counterclaim over it should the CoS try to sue me for alleged copyright violations; in fact, I'm possibly pissed off enough at it to sue anyway. (I am placing the leaflet here because an organisation, such as the Church of Scientology, that sees fit to baselessly defame a person for criticism of it is a matter for grave public concern, and to show examples of such helps clearly demonstrates why exposure of such organisations is in the public interest.)

In fact, here's the relevant paragraphs from my letter to their lawyer:

It has also come to my attention that the Church of Scientology is distributing a leaflet, titled 'Public Warning', concerning myself. The leaflet in question is enclosed. I can establish that the leaflet has been distributed by staff of the Church of Scientology outside Queensland Institute of Technology in George Street, Brisbane on Wednesday 7th May (one of the two staff members on that occasion being Lyn Smith, Director of Special Affairs in Brisbane); at the corner of Flinders Lane and Swanston Walk in Melbourne on the evening of Friday 9th May (the enclosed leaflet was handed to me in the street by said staff member, who I then observed returning to the Church's Melbourne office); and on at least two occasions in the last few weeks outside the workplace of Stuart Riley (one of those named and pictured on the leaflet) in Brisbane. (I am presently seeking confirmation of exact times and dates of additional distribution of the leaflet by Scientology staff.) In addition, copies of the leaflet were left in my letterbox at home Monday 12th May; I am presently attempting to establish whether a substantial portion of the street or suburb was so leafleted, or just my own letterbox (and I would regard the latter as an attempt at intimidation).

Apart from their certainly being active distributing the leaflet, I believe the leaflet is published by the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology has been distributing a previous leaflet attributing itself to 'Victims of CultAware', consisting of a shorter form of an article from Freedom, a magazine published and distributed by the Church of Scientology; when Tony McClelland wrote to the Church of Scientology stating said previous leaflet's inaccuracy and asking for a retraction, staff member Vicki Hanna wrote back saying that the Church of Scientology believed the statements to be true and standing by them. The photos on the present leaflet of Rick Ross and Joseph Szimhart are identical to photos of them in Freedom; and the photos of myself, Tony McClelland and Stuart Riley were taken at a demonstration against Scientology in Sydney, at the corner of Castlereagh and York Streets on September 9th, 1996, by a Scientology staff member; fragments of picketing signs from the day can be seen in the photos of McClelland and Riley, and I was actually asked by the Scientology staff member taking photos to smile for the photo shown on the leaflet.

I consider this pamphlet is a serious libel as calculated to bring me into odium and contempt. I require an undertaking to cease distribution and recall and destroy the pamphlets, an undertaking not to publish similar material, an apology in a form to be settled, and compensation to include any costs and a mutually-agreed payment for the libel.

I request your early reply.

Still waiting on that reply ;-)

Needless to say: If you see this leaflet being spread, please let me know. The above are merely the occasions I had nailed down at the time of writing the letter; every incidence of the defamation that I can document will help any future case along. Take photos too if you can.

Neil Muspratt posted a response to the leaflet to a.r.s.

The CoS appears to consider it a good idea to defame other critics they are suing - Grady Ward, for instance.

(The apparent beard on the photo of me is an artifact of my scanning, not of my face or the photo ;-)



You've seen the media on Heaven's Gate and rightfully been alarmed. But perhaps as disturbing are the actions of various individuals and groups in Australia who use questionable and sometimes immoral and unlawful methods to control others.

For example, there have recently been a number of unlawful kidnappings and detainments in Australia. One that occurred in Queensland in 1996 involved a young man held prisoner in a barred-up farm house. He was forced to stay in one room day after day, even having to eat, sleep and go to the toilet under the 24-hour scrutiny of his guards. He claims to have been forcibly lectured for long periods in an effort to humiliate and brainwash him of his beliefs. He eventually escaped. His tormentors then fled the country with their cash but the perpetrators have gone unpunished.

VICTIMS OF CULTAWARE represents those whose lives are under attack or have been shattered because they dared to believe that they could improve their lives and took steps to do so. We stand for their rights to live freely.

There is evidence that certain people, possibly including some of the individuals photographed here, may have been involved in unlawful, disreputable or improper acts like that above or may be affiliated with others that have committed such.

One small but frightening operation is known as CultAware. It is reputedly assisted by figures such as a psychiatrist recently disgraced at the Woods Police Royal Commission. Much of its operations are conducted secretly out of the public eye but it is well known to be behind a number of smear campaigns against individuals and organizations as well as condoning and supporting others whose illegal deeds are well documented.

VICTIMS OF CULTAWARE is collecting information on CultAware, its founder Tony McClelland, any of the people photographed here and others who may have been involved in the violation of the rights of Australians to live and believe freely. If you have information on any of the above, contact the address below.

"Defending The Freedom Of The Individual"

P.O. Box 401
Camperdown NSW 2050