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Canberra picket flyer, by Fier

David Gerard, 14 Aug 1999

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Subject: Canberra picket flyer, by Fier
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Just to prove we're all in a conspiracy, I'm posting Fier's Canberra picket
flyer. He's sent me some lovely pics too, so I really really should do an
update on my web page as absolutely soon as possible.

This is from the nicely-formatted Word 6 document; write to me and I'll
send you a copy.

Why we Picket

We are out here holding this picket for a number of reasons.  Foremost
among them is to alert people about some of the unethical methods and
recent actions of the so-called 'church' of Scientology.  Another major
reason is to attempt to educate members of this church about their own
organisation, highlighting some of the lies taught to them, including the
falsely portrayed life of Scientology's Founder, the Late L. Ron Hubbard.

If someone believes all that they are told by one group and never looks for
verification of the truth, they can be manipulated against their original

Listed below are some easily verifiable facts, and we urge you to verify
them for yourself.

Convicted of Fraud:

fraud - recourse to fraudulent activities to raise false hopes in order to
procure sums of money.

In France, 1978, four leaders of the Church of Scientology, including L.
Ron Hubbard, were convicted of making fraudulent claims that physical cures
and professional success can be achieved through Scientology. Ron was
sentenced in absentia, to 4 years in prison and a warrant issued for his


Lisa Mcpherson:

Church of Scientology Flag Service Org (in Florida) was indicted on 2
counts, in the death of Lisa Mcpherson - 1. Abuse and/or neglect of a
disabled adult. and 2.  Unauthorised practice of medicine.

A civil suit has also been filed by her estate, alleging wrongful death,
intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment, fraud,
battery, negligence, and practicing medicine without a license. The civil
lawsuit begins February, 2000 and the criminal case begins March, 2000.


Criminal Activities:

1999 - London, June 8. The Church of Scientology agreed to pay a former
member 55,000 pounds (AU$135,000)  for libel damages & costs and to
apologise for calling her a hate campaigner.

1997-98 USA, A Scientologist's company, TradeNet, pays $190,000 to the
Department of Justice for selling blue laundry balls, a scam distributed
using false claims of 'scientifically based evidence'.

1997 - Italy, 29 Scientologists were sentenced to jail for criminal

1996 - France, Scientology executive found guilty of involuntary homicide.

1995 - Canada, Scientology pays the largest libel award in Canadian

1994 - USA, Helena Kobrin, representing RTC (a Scientology corporation),
was fined $17,775 for filing a frivolous lawsuit .  (Using the law to
harass critics is Scientology policy.)

1992 - Canada, Scientology itself and three Scientology executives were
found guilty of breach of public trust in a case involving the theft of
information from government offices.

1991 - USA, 3 Florida Scientologists went to jail for money laundering.

1990 - Spain: 71 top international leaders of Scientology raided and
arrested charged with fraud, forgery of public documents, coercion, labor
law violations, illicit association and tax offenses.

1988 - Spain, Heber Jentzsch, president of Scientology's IAS arrested for
fraud.  Scientology pays $1,000,000 bail, Jentzsch leaves the country, and
has not returned.  This case is STILL in progress.

1980 - USA:  11 scientologists including Ron's 3rd wife, Mary Sue Hubbard,
were indicted and sent to prison on charges including forging government
passes, recruiting Scientologists to infiltrate the government, stealing
records and obstructing Justice. (the ensuing appeals all failed)

Far from a complete list.

References: , ,
convictions.html  , ,

Scientology's Lies:

Scientology lies about nearly every aspect of its existence:

Miscellaneous medical claims in DIANETICS (1987 ED.) p.72: "arthritis
vanishes, myopia gets better, heart illness decreases, asthma disappears,
stomachs function properly and the whole catalogue of illnesses goes away
and stays away."

In the 1960s, the US Government prosecuted Scientology for making false
health claims.  Scientology books and E-Meters were confiscated.
Scientology no longer makes any health claims to the general public, but
private Scientology documents still claim that "the tech" can cure diseases
such as cancer, arthritis, polio, paralysis, migraines, goitre and

Scientology uses scientifically proven technology.

The only scientific studies anyone can find disprove scientology.
Scientology claims to have its own studies, but has not revealed them to
us.  In addition, scientists always continue to refine and improve their
work.  Scientology believes that its "Tech" is perfect, and explicitly
prohibits any experimentation to improve it or even verify it.

Scientology has 8 million members, worldwide, and is the fastest growing
religion in the world.

The president of Scientology, when presented with these facts, has admitted
that "8 million members" includes everyone who has ever visited a
Scientology office, taken a free personality test, requested literature,
etc. Scientology claims to be growing, but critics feel it is actually

Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard was a famous, highly decorated war hero
who was crippled and blinded, then cured himself using Dianetic/Scientology

Mr. Justice Latey, in the Family Division of the Royal Courts of Justice on
the believability of L. Ron Hubbard: "To promote himself and the cult he
has made these, among other false claims: That he was a much decorated war
hero. He was not. That he commanded a corvette squadron. He did not.  That
he was awarded the Purple Heart, a gallantry decoration for those wounded
in action. He was not wounded and was not decorated. That he was crippled
and blinded in the war and cured himself with Dianetic techniques. He was
not crippled and was not blinded. That he was sent by US Naval Intelligence
to break up a black magic ring in California. He was not. He was himself a
member of that occult group and practised ritual sexual magic in it. That
he was a graduate of George Washington University and an atomic physicist.
The facts are that he completed only one year of college and failed the one
course on nuclear physics in which he enrolled."

References: ,  , , Dianetics.

Outright banning of this religion did not work in Victoria (17 yrs), nor
did it work in Western Australia (4 yrs). Thus our aims are to get this
church reformed quickly, before any other people get hurt.  We request your
aid, by writing to our government representatives, to achieve the following

* Full disclosure of the religious beliefs to all new and current members.
No more bait-and-switch! (using bait like a noble religious creed and 'only
whats true for you is true' then gradually introducing other wildly
unfounded material and charging astronomical amounts for the privledge).

* Clearly written warnings on all the unproven, sometimes unsafe medical
practices and teachings of Scientology, and a qualified analysis of their
allegedly safe E-meter device.

* Enforced cessation of all immoral and illegal activities which are
encouraged by International management and carried out by church members
just obeying their 'Scripture'.

* Introduction of a Federal minimum wage award for individuals who work for
this church.  Currently, they are being totally exploited by the church, by
being paid an average of 20 cents per hour.

For further information on these topics, to discuss your own views or
experiences, or to obtain the date of the next picket, please email  (from the library if you haven't a computer.)

This leaflet is not copyright, please copy it, and give it to all your

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Flag, Flag Service Org, IAS and RTC are trademarks and service marks of the
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organisation in any way.


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