Australian Critics of Scientology
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Scientology organisations in Australia: Sydney

All images are self-linked JPEGs.

Sydney Org photos by David Gerard; AOSH ANZO photos by Nick Andrew.

Church of Scientology
201 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000
phone: (02) 9267 6772
fax: (02) 9261 2840

WISE ANZO (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises)
201 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
phone: (02) 9264 1573
fax: (02) 9264 1572

Citizens Committee On Human Rights (Psychiatric Violations)
201 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000
phone: (02) 9264 5893, (02) 9267 1569

Hubbard Dianetics Centre
624 George Street, Sydney 2000
phone: (02) 9823 2267

Mission of Inner West
4 Wangal Place, Five Dock 2046
phone: (02) 9712 5067

19-37 Greek Street, Glebe 2037
phone: (02) 9552 3733
hotline: (02) 9552 3212
Continental Liaison Office: (02) 9267 6422
toll free Australia: 1 800 628 192
toll free Japan: 0031 616 358
toll free South Africa: 0800 993 043
toll free New Zealand: 0800 442 375
toll free Taiwan: 0080 611 221

New Era Publications (Australia) Pty Ltd
Level 3, Ballarat House, 68-72 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney 2000
phone: (02) 9211 0692

Hubbard College of Administration
Suite 9, 15 Parnell Street (second floor), Strathfield 2135
phone: (02) 9744 5277

The Way To Happiness Foundation
PO Box A1044, Sydney South 2001

Applied Scholastics ANZO
404/3 Smail Street, Broadway NSW 2007
phone: (02) 9212 2862
fax: (02) 9212 2865

The Language Palace
Suite 35 Level 3 647 George Street, Sydney 2000
phone: (02) 9211 1772
fax: (02) 9212 2835

Jenny Gellie Tutoring Services
21 Railway Parade, Hazelbrook 2779
phone: (02) 4758 8213

Victims of CultAware
PO Box 401, Camperdown 2050

Level 2, 14 Grose Street, Glebe 2037
phone: (02) 9552 6026

[Volcanooo! - 28K JPEG]

1. September 1996: Here's a daytime shot of the volcano billboard; I'm still after a nighttime one. (Note that this shot actually looks better than the real thing - it looks very faded, like once-brightly-coloured plastic left in the sun for fifteen years ... and the damned thing had only been up for four months at the time of this photo.)

[Sydney org - 18.5K JPEG]

2. The Org at 201 Castlereagh Street, from across the road. Middling location for foot traffic, lots of cars and a major bus stop across the road. (The people at the bottom of this photo are waiting at said bus stop.)

[AOSH ANZO front from west end - 22.5K JPEG]

3. July 1999: AOSH ANZO - commentary by Nick Andrew. "Greek Street runs roughly west to east. This pic is from the western end of the shopping centre carpark opposite, showing the entire street frontage. I wish I had got a pic of the dock area (lower right). As I walked past the building I saw several washing machines on the left wall and quite a lot of milk and bags of flour on the right hand side. All in all the building looked fairly well-kept, except for the dock area which looks like all docks."

[AOSH ANZO front with bus - 24.5K JPEG]

4. "The bus (which I think dropped off some dupes or scieno kids) and the obligatory 'now hiring' sign."

[AOSH ANZO front from east end - 18.5K JPEG]

5. "From the eastern end of the carpark, highlighting the auxiliary entrance - there is a rotating door leading from the street to the foyer just where the "now hiring" sign is, and a smaller, plainer door to the right hand side which I suppose is the staff entrance."

[AOSH ANZO surveillance camera - 13.5K JPEG]

6. "The covert surveillance camera on the south-eastern corner of the building. Underneath the camera is what looks like an air-conditioning outlet, and the window above the camera looks into a stairwell."

[AOSH ANZO top floor windows - 14K JPEG][AOSH ANZO front from east end - 17.5K JPEG]

7. "Windows into the upper two floors of the building. I think they're in the middle, but I don't remember. Last time I looked there were some people in one of the rooms so I assume they are courserooms. There appeared to be something like an LED glowing near where the internal door might be so I assume they have some kind of central access mechanism."

8. "The upper two floors again, just from an angle which shows more of the building. Note the bird on the drainpipe, shitting with impunity."

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