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Melbourne org reconnaissance (from

'Esperance Boy', 06 Jan 2000

From: (David Gerard)
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Subject: Melbourne org reconnaissance (from
Date: 20 Feb 2000 23:11:07 GMT
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Found on Picket Central -

   Message #20 (06:41 06/01-2000)
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im not sure who the end recipients of this will be. its so bloody hard to
know who to trust. I just found out today that good boy mike rinder from
the osa grew up in my home town??? there you go!! I am 19yo. I live in
Melbourne and although I am not a scientologist I know more about scn, lrh
and org structure than most longtime scientologists. Very few people here
actually know about scn; the presence has become somewhat diminished but
the same guy in the same leather jacket persists on handing out oca's on
swanston st on an average of 4 days a week. The key to getting inside the
orgs without getting into scientology is telling them what they want to
hear. "I've just turned 18 and was wondering what my purpose in life is?"
is usually a good one. That line alone got me invited to the Dianetics
anniversary presentation in 1997 and enabled me to waltz in and out of the
Melb org without having the reg jump down my throat. I have used the same
line to get inside tours of AOSHANZo and the class 5 on castlereagh. (if
you look closely at the foto of aoshanzo in What is Scientology you can see
that the flags are not really mounted but are being held up by members of
the SO. Poor buggers). I have been inside adelaide org, the dingy canberra
org on the second floor, and when visiting family in the US and Canda in
Sept last year, I was lucky ( i think?) to see the showcase LRH life
exhibition. Hollywood boulevard is crawling with SO and their associates.
You really have not seen scientology in action until you see america. front
groups galore. btw there are passages underneath the road connecting the
CCHR, pac base and the SO headquarters (not sure what it is called). didnt
get to flag but that can wait for another day. if you go into the melb org,
ignore helen bassett (the fat motherly one) she's harmless, watch Rob
Meister (tall, 25ish, brown hair) and a short blond staffer; don't know her
name but she's a leech not to be messed with. keep the fight alive
please. any pickets pls contact me!

   Message #21 (06:10 06/01-2000)
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I live in Melbourne Australia. Critical thinking towards Scientology is
almost unheard of. We need to organise some non-violent resistance to the
Co$ presence here. There must be other voices here too?

"It is more than possible to be a member of a sub-culture, a different and
'outside the box' thinker who's dealt with the hardships of being different and
other people's scorn and *still* be an intolerant fuckwit."  (Morgan Jaffit)

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