Australian Critics of Scientology
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The Liars' Club and Scientology

The Liars' Club was a Melbourne sceptical radio show that ran on radio station 3-RRR until a complaint from the Church of Scientology to the Australian Broadcasting Authority, claiming 'religious vilification', resulted in an adverse ruling widely regarded as completely insane.

Cyril Vosper interview, Sun 03 Sep 1995

- the interview the original complaint was based on (not that the Church hadn't whinged copiously before that).

Press release: The Killing Of Free Speech

- put out by Adam Joseph soon after the show was pulled.

Nick Herd interview, Sun 17 Mar 1996

- Terry Lane of ABC Radio National interviewing the head of the ABA. Hear the latter come across as a spluttering fool. Oh well. Not that he's operating with no checks or balances on his organisation whatsoever or anything. Oh, wait, it turns out he is:

Communications Law Centre: Re: ABA Finding on Religious Vilification
Press release: Law body slams ABA ruling as illogical and incorrect

- an extensive opinion on the ABA ruling prepared by the CLC for 3-RRR. The gist: that the ABA is out of control. And a press release from Adam Joseph.

Lucretia's Letter, early 1996: Stop Press

Liars' Club and Stephen Walker.

Herald Sun, Wed 29 May 1996: Ominous new threat to free speech

Opinion piece against ABA decision on the Liars' Club.

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