Lucretia's Letter (free photocopied leaflet, Melbourne early 1996), p4

Stop press

* News from the brain (?) of Stephen Wanker ... minor 3RRR show The Liars' Club (devoted to debunking cults, New Age blah etc ... everything except dogmatic skepticism) was pulled off the air recently after a complaint was made to the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal by the Church of $cientology (a fine, upstanding community institution of flawless repute that charges a mere ten thousand dollars US for a galvanometer [source: $cientology holiday catalog 1995-96]), that The Liars' Club had defamed the Co$ ... not by anything they said, but by the fact that they (hosts Adam Joseph and Vanda Hamilton) agreed with the guest, $cientology critic Cyril Vosper. It gets better, though - the ABT did not recommend that the show be axed, but they did send a report to Stephen Walker, which was supposed to enable the accused party to respond. Adam Joseph asked for a copy, and was told by Walker that it was nothing to do with him, don't worry about it. Joseph then called Station Manager Kath Letch, who immediately couriered him a copy. By this time, Joseph had one day to respond to the complaint, when by rights he should have had a week. By this time, the show had been axed. Rumour has it that Stephen Wanker has had a hard-on for The Liars' Club ever since they debunked his pet crystal fucker, "Master Charles", who turned out to have a "university degree" of the type usually obtained by writing to breakfast cereal companies. Incidentally, Master Charles is still peddling his own peculiar brand of New Age salvation around Fitzroy ... if you see him, give him a kick in the nuts courtesy Lucretia. The Ghost Who Wanks could do with a swifty to the goolies, too. *STOP PRESS AGAIN* The Liar's Club has been replaced by a New Age show, presumably entitled Screw The Gullible For Fun And Profit. Lucretia is very entertained by the fact that this is the same station - indeed the same Program Manager - that keeps wanking on about the dominance of the "Politically Correct" (regardless of context, relevance or indeed rational thought). Obviously they don't include crystal fucking in their deep and thoughtful political analysis ... *EVEN BETTER STOP PRESS!!!!!* The Ghost Who Wanks has finally 'resigned' after fifteen years! Too bad the Wanker spent all that time gratuitously slagging JJJ (especially considering the JJJ wannabee that RRR is), he would have been a natural on JJJ drivetime ... Lucretia plans to renew her subscription (allowed to lapse in large part because of the Wank Factor) immediately.

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