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Working in Scn related company (Melbourne Australia)

Mike Gormez, Sun 11 Oct 1998

From: (Michael 'Mike' Gormez)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Working in Scn related company (Melbourne Australia)
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 15:16:22 GMT
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This was posted some time back in the guestbook of
Does anyone know the name of the company?

Name: Nimrod Happyhands
Home: http://
yes my name is false, but I am from Melbourne Australia. I moved into a
share house with friends in 1996 and found that we were still receiving
mail addressed to the former tenants. The mail was all scientology...not
just letters but expensive glossy magazines. Coincidently I applied for a
job after having been in the house for a couple of months. I applied
through the newspaper. It was for me to start a telemarketing division of
a small life insurance company. On my first day on the job i noticed that
a bookcase on one of the walls was completely filled with scientology
manuals and readers. Some were the size of phone books but hardcover and
glossy. I cross referenced them with the prices in the magazines that my
house was receiving and found that they weren't exactly cheap. Anyway, my
first monday morning meeting was when i met the salesmen. The boss and the
salesmen started reporting on their past week's success/failures using
weird terminology and graph printouts... one rep was not performing and
the boss got everyone in the room to explain why they thought he was so
fucked...these guys were in their 40's. Then i found out that their lingo
was scientology because one of the people interviewed as a prospective
telemarketer was immediately told to leave after she made a flippant
comment about the books in the bookcase. The boss said she was a PTS
...Potential Trouble Source. After a couple of weeks, it all became
evident that not just the boss but everyone in this company was a
scientologist. From the boss to the secretary...a total of 9 people were
all sctgsts. Then if i knew it was going to happen, I was told that
i was going to have to do a "communications" my own time...for
no order to help me focus my desires and goals ...then i
remembered the "communications" courses detailed in some of the lit. that
I'd already read...sitting in a room with someone having to repeat the
same statement for 3 hours....if you make a mistake you have to start
again etc... the next course was having to sit in silence while someone
tried to make you speak and visa versa...i found out the nature of the
courses whilst having a cigarette with the company secretary (who also
worked nights at the s/c hq in Melbourne. The next day I quit. Then i
started in on the research and couldn't beleive the MAGNITUDE OF EVIL that
s/c represents. It is indeed frightening...and for these reasons i commend
pages like these. 

13:38:38 98/09/18 

Mike (posted and mailed to David)
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