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Canberra Org workers

The Goblin Wizard, Fri 08 May 1998

From: The Goblin Wizard <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Old Sea Org members - where do they go?
Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 18:50:41 +1000
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> :At my local org, where staff average pay is in the order of $20-$30 per
> :week on average (Aussie dollars), I know of 3 on  welfare/dole and 2
> :with second jobs.  I know also, of 3 with no other source of income
> :(these are the higher ranking staff).  I dunno about the other staff
> :(they have about 15 total staff I think)
> :Note that the second jobs are on top of a 6 day per week, 8:30am to
> :10:30pm schedule.  Not all of them work the full schedule, but at least
> :1/2 do.
> :I personally like to blame financial overts committed by the org/staff
> :for the financial problems staff face.  No-one seems to starve though.
> Which Org is this?

ACT (Australian Capital Territory for foreign ignoramuses).  In ACT
there is no Day Org and Foundation, there is just one org to cover all
hours, so the staff work longer hours. 

> Do please give us more Australian tales!

I'll try and think of some amusing ones.


The wiz

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