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Scientology exhibition removed

Louise Cook, Thu 16 Mar 2000

From: Louise <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Scientology exhibition removed
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 11:10:16 +1100
Message-ID: <>

I had been planning another picket for yesterday (Wednesday), however
when I was informed that the local Government shopfront had a
Scientology display, I decided to change my priorities.

I had a look at the display, it was an arrangement of *Clear Body
Clear Mind* books and pamphlets with a few signs saying things like
*Are you toxic?* and an invitation to a public meeting on the
purification program at *The Church of Scientology*.  

I promptly marched into the office and asked to speak to the manager.
I registered a *public complaint* from a *concerned citizen*.  I told
them the space was meant to be for non-profit community organisations,
not a promotional space for a product that is *sold* for about $2000.
I told them that the program is also potentially dangerous, an
outdated and unresearched program that has not taken into
consideration modern ailments such as Hepatitis C and AIDS.  I spoke
to the manager at about 2.30pm.  

I am pleased to report that by the time I returned home at 3.30pm,
there was a message on my answering machine saying that the display
had been removed.

I am now considering creating a non-profit community group called
*Victims of Cults against Lies*(VOCAL) or something like that, so that
*we* can then have a display in that space, with information about the
co-ersive and deceptive tactics of totalitarian groups and pointers to
internet resources such as FACTnet and  Any suggestions for
names?  It would be good to have an easy to pronounce acronym.


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