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Date: 28 Dec 1997 05:47:00 -0000
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Subject: More 'why am I here' wanted
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I am writing this to make sure no one gets the wrong idea about what I'm saying or doing. This is important with the way Scientology trys to put a spin on everything to their own benefit. I regret that because of the Scientology 'Secret Police' I am obliged to write from anonymity. I do not feel it is right that any organization abuses the system in order to take away individual rights to freedom of expression. This is no more right than discriminating against someone for their religious beliefs. The issue with Scientology is NOT RELIGION, it is CRIME!

First and foremost, I believe that anyone should have the freedom to believe whatever they want, as long as they don't hurt others! I also feel that it is wrong for anyone to discriminate against others because of their beliefs. I decry any such abuses against anyone of any religion. However, I also recognize the necessity of government to protect its citizens against a real threat.

Second, I believe most Scientologists are honest, decent well-meaning people who have a sincere desire to improve themselves and their fellow man. My quarrel is not with them. Nor is it with anyone in splinter groups from Scientology. So far they have demonstrated a much more reasoned and intelligent approach to putting their beliefs into practice (not that I endorse them in any way).

I am however very disappointed in the conduct of the leadership of the organization of Scientology. They exhibit a severe anti-social attitude to anyone or anything outside their direct sphere of influence. There is also substantial evidence of the secular nature of their operations, fraud, mismanagement, abuse, harrassment, and criminal intent. They have also repeatedly demonstrated a propensity for picking the nearest available scapegoat for any failure and subjecting that person to unreasonable and abusive punishment rather than to accept responsibility for their own failings or the failure of the policies of their organization and performing a more meaningful correction. They also deny their own religious status whenever it suits their purposes, but invoke religious persecution to explain why others react so angrily to their criminal/anti-social behaviour.

Third, I believe people have a right to know what they are getting into. The Scientology organization policy is to tell new people that Scientology has no set conception of [the Supreme Being]. That this is left to the individual to decide for themselves. That Scientology is therefore compatible with all major religions. They also build many of their lower and middle level services on the premise that man's mind is the problem that needs to be dealt with and they have the services to do it. However, after these people have invested 100,000's of dollars in cash or labor (which can be a decade or more after starting), they are only then given access to secret documents that state that their problems are not their mind, but thousands of spirits of others that are stuck to their body. That this is the source of all their problems physical, emotional, and mental. They are also told that the concepts of God, Christ, and Heaven are phony impressions created by evil beings millions of years ago. I believe people have a right to know this and it is fraudulent not to tell them this up front.

I feel I have a right and a duty to speak the truth of evils that I see. I do not seek to hinder anyone who wants to from following their beliefs, but I think they need to know what the true theology of their 'religion' is. In this case, there appears to be none. I also think it is important to correct the misconceptions of the uninformed as to the criminal convictions and activities of Scientology leaders.

Son of Xenu

BE NICE, we're the good guys!

Remember: The issue is NOT RELIGION, it is CRIME!

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