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How did you find A.R.S.?

Belladonna 99, Fri 11 Sep 1998

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Subject: Re: How did you find A.R.S. ?
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 07:07:37 GMT
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Just kind of curious, how so many people have stumbled upon this newsgroup and why you decided to stay.

Some of you were here from the beginning.
Some of you are ex scientologists.
Some of you, (like myself) stumbled upon here by chance and was outraged by what they read and decided to stay.

Anyone care to share?


Referred by Operation Clambake. I continue to lurk, because I think something fairly important is happening here. Also, having never been exposed to a cult, I'm beginning to detect the variables in cultic thinking which could prove extremely valuable down the road. Not to mention, I've become attached to the blight of all critics of $cientology, and I'm rooting for all of you irrespective of personal differences, flights of fancy, and weaknesses of character.

$cientology was interesting, at first, because of all the secret junk, and because its shills have made such outrageous claims as to its power. After checking out the critical sites (it was pretty apparent that the clam sites were a propaganda effort.) After getting worked up over the crimes and general nastiness of Co$, I decided to check out this NG and watch the battle as it ensues.

I was also interested in hearing the Co$ point of view, delivered spontaneously and without sanction, but only SB and Claire have seemed to give something like personal justifications that would give me pause in thinking that $cientology is anything other than evil.

Anyway, I admire you all, your dedication, your pickets (Deana and Kristi, you're the best), your websites (Tilman, Warrior, Andreas, Arnie et al), and the info that you have to repeat and repost, ad infinitum, for all us lurkers.

Okay, back to the lurking fringe.

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