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How did you find A.R.S.?

Al Landeck, 09 Sep 1998

From: (Al Landeck)
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Subject: Re: How did you find A.R.S. ?
Date: 9 Sep 1998 23:58:21 GMT
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In article <>, Rondata <> wrote:

Just kind of curious, how so many people have stumbled upon this newsgroup and why you decided to stay.

Some of you were here from the beginning.
Some of you are ex scientologists. Some of you, (like myself) stumbled upon here by chance and was outraged by what they read and decided to stay.

Anyone care to share?

I started reading this group as a lark after some experiences with Executive Software (a WISE organization) about 5 years ago. I had dropped a business card into a fishbowl at computer convention, and had these complete idiots calling me to purchase their software. They were relentless and very high pressure. I also couldn't get off their list.

After talking to a friend, he told me that Craig Jensen the founder of Executive Software was a high ranking Scientologist, that the majority of the sales people were Scientologists and that the sales tactics they practiced were the "Scientology Way".

My next experience was when a friend purchased a home that had been the previous residence of some Scienos. We were astounded at the volume of gibberish they had left behind when they moved out. Not only could we not make out what the stuff was about, it also kept coming.

So 5 years ago, I see the ARS newsgroup (I think it was just prior to the rmgroup incident). I started lurking on the group and just kept being astounded at legal documents, affidavits, personal stories and especially the Scamizdat and NOTs postings.

I stay because of Free Speech. I stay because of human rights outrages by the cult. I stay because it's a "Good Fight".

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Al Landeck
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