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How did you find A.R.S.?

Gregg Hagglund, Thu 10 Sep 1998

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 17:33:30 -0500
From: (Gregg Hagglund)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: How did you find A.R.S. ?
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I have seen the naked lingering terror in the eyes of children survivors of our modern wars ...

But I had never seen that in the eyes of an adult speaking about their involvement with a 'religion' ...

When I did, I asked why they were so afraid, deep down afraid, afraid at the soul level ... And they told me ... much and recommended ars to begin to understand how this madness called the Co$ had remained active so long ...

That was in the fall of '96. I lurked for months and read every site I could find, pro and con.

I started posting in March or April of '97 and led my first Picket in Toronto in May of '97 after Roland was assaulted and bloodied in Britain.

One day this madness called the Co$ will end or be so diminished as to only exist in the remnants of the FreeZone.

And then will come the hardest job of all: Being there for the surviviors.


["You know, people die if they criticize scientology - I should take care if I were you."
-Marcus Nyman, OSA (former GO), $cio-org, Stockholm, Sweden.]

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