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Your experience of Scientology

Michael T. Richter, Fri 04 Sep 1998

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Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 22:28:12 GMT

miKe wrote in message ...

I'm interested in learning of individual experiences of Scientology, good or bad. I understand that many people who post to this newsgroup who are critical of the religion have not had any direct experience of studying and applying its philosophy. I'm also aware that some here may be interested only in the controversy surrounding scientology and the Internet.

But for those who have had real experiences studying and applying Scientology in their lives, please feel free to e-mail me. I am genuinely interested in your experience whether it may be good or bad.


I became a critic of Scientology after being lied to over and over and over again by Scientologists.

The first lie was being told, after having the "Oxford Capacity Analysis" pushed in my face, that it was named such because it was designed by staff at Oxford University.

I was told that Scientology was compatible with all religions. I asked about Scientology's position on drugs, specifically pot and booze, and was told that Scientology disapproved of these. Since there are religions out there which use pot and booze in their rites, it is obvious that another lie was exposed. (On top of that, I never did receive an answer as to how the Baha'i Faith, which explicitly denies members from participating in the religious rites of other religious groups, could possibly be compatible with Scientology.)

I was told by the person manning the 1-800 number for Scientology that the OTIII document was a forgery released on the Internet to discredit Scientology. (The last part is true. The first part is not.) This individual then could not explain why I got hit with a threatening letter by Scientology's most (in)famous lawyer after posting the OTIII document because I was infringing on Scientology's copyrights.

After being lied to enough, it is easy to become critical of the liars.

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