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OSA Network Order 15

Perry Scott, 16 Sep 1997

From: (Perry Scott)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: OSA Network Order 15
Date: 16 Sep 1997 21:00:05 GMT
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RonIsXenu ( wrote:

: OSA NW ORDER 15                               18 February 1988


:                         _Confidential_

:                       _BLACK_PROPAGANDA_

:        (Originally written by LRH on 12 January 1972.
:         Issued as an OSA NW Order on 18 February 1988.)

Once again, an order is written by LRH during the Guardian Office era
and is re-issued for OSA usage.  This order was released after Ron's
death.  It's sad that Ron is the only person who can create Scientology
Tek.  Now that he's dead, research has slowed to a crawl.  :)

:      Black propaganda is a covert communication of false data
: intended to injure, impede or destroy the activity or life of
: another person, group or nation, usually issued from a false
: or removed source from the actual instigator.

This would fit Hubbard's Dead Agent tek.  In that case, Scientology
creates lies (an acceptable truth) and anonymously spreads them to
targets that surround the victim.  The effect is the same - "covert
communication of false data to injure, impede, or destroy."

:      It is used heavily in "psychological warfare."
:      It is a specialized technology of its own.
:      It relies chiefly on the technique of "classification" of
: another or a group or a nation as undesirable or evil.
:      It has many counter weapons and is itself essentially
: fragile because it is false.

Here Ron makes one-sentence paragraphs in an attempt to e m p h a s i z e
e v e r y   w o r d .  Ron is more important this way.  In actuality, it
was sometimes difficult for Ron to group his thoughts into a paragraph
that was able to hang together without meandering like a small stream
on a flat plain.  Putting one sentence in each paragraph solves this

Ron's view of black propaganda fits chillingly closely to Orwell's
Ministry of Truth in 1984.  In 1984, Orwell's negative utopia has words
being redefined to control the thoughts of the populace.  In this case,
Hubbard views black propaganda as an outgrowth of classifying a group as

:      Dianetics, Scientology and myself for a very long time
: have been subjected to a very standard black propaganda
: campaign instigated by trained persons - the AMA in the US,
: the British Psychological Association in Australia, the
: National Association of Mental Health in England and
: internationally.

"Dianetics, Scientology, and *I*", Ron.  Didn't you listen to your
English teacher in college?  Apparently not.

Here, Hubbard imagines a conspiracy behind every tree.  In this case, he
has included the AMA (American Medical Association) in the conspiracy
rather than the APA (American Psychiatric Association).  This may have
been a blunder, in that the AMA is dead-agent proof.  Too many people
use the services of the AMA for Hubbard's statement to be credible.

Hubbard's allegation that these organizations hire "trained persons"
that specifically target Dianetics, Scientology, and himself are
testimony to his loose grasp on reality.  To further accuse them of
formulating "very standard black propaganda campaign"(s) against
him is self-descriptive.  The pot is calling the kettle black.  (See
Hubbard's Black PR HCOBs).

:      What is being attempted by black propagandists is to
: _classify_ us firmly in the public mind by constant repetition
: of certain words like "cult." The more we let such
: propagandists do this, the more chance we give them, the more
: opportunity they have.

I'm sorry Ron, but cult is a term defined in a dictionary.  Your group
matches the criteria on a large number of points.  Is Oxford's and
Webster's in on the conspiracy as well?

:      A black artist has to be carefully trained to do this and
: I am suddenly quite interested in such fellows.  It isn't just
: "the way things are written." Such are well trained
: intelligence pros in the field of psychological warfare.

"I am suddenly quite interested in such fellows".  In other words, I
am doing research on how to use black propaganda for my own purposes?
(Help from anyone:  What is the date of the Black PR HCOB?)  Board
Policy Letter 30 May 1974 contains a summary of Hubbard's "research"
into Black PR.

"The way things are written".  Again Hubbard adopts an Orwellesque view
of the controlling action of speech.  Regardless of whether or not 
someone's thoughts can be controlled with words, Hubbard believed that
they could.

:      Psychiatry today advises advertising and propaganda and
: designed of course this campaign we have experienced.

Hubbard again pushes the conspiracy angle in a one-sentence paragraph.
In fact, Psychiatry had been ignoring Hubbard for several decades.  How
can you have an enemy that ignores you?  Hubbard's lifelong "war"
against psychiatry was only in his own mind.

:      The subject is even touched on by Dr.  Thomas Szasz as a
: psychiatric technique in his book _Ideology_and_Insanity_,
: page 49, chapter 4, page 53 section IV, page 67 section IX
: and his whole article "Psychiatric Classification as Personal
: Restraint", page 190 of the same book.  Of these, page 53
: section IV is the most interesting in application to this
: subject of classification.

Sea Ogre thinks, "Wow.  Hubbard uses references.  He must be really
smart.  Well sure, he has several Ph. D.s.  It looks like a really big
book, and he's seeing something spread across several pages and
chapters.  He has such a great mind to be able to pull all of this

:                "Classification is a social act.  The
:           Classification of individuals or groups entails the
:           participation of at least three different types of

: Unpublished work: Copyright (c) 1987 L. Ron Hubbard Library

: --page break--

: OSA NWO 15                  -2-

:           persons: Classifier, Classified, and a public
:           called upon to accept or reject a particular
:           classification."

Zow.  I wonder if RTC paid Szasz' publisher before copyrighting it for
themselves.  And remember, this is unpublished, copyrighted, AND
confidential.  Just like NOTs.  Don't you feel privileged to be reading
stuff that most Scientologists never see?

:      While Szasz is not using it as it applies to
: psychological warfare (black propaganda) or advertising, it is
: nevertheless a key point in psychiatric planning of any campaign.

In other words, Ron dreams up a bogeyman where none exists.

:      The AMA counts on this utterly.
:      So this is their one trick.
:      To cancel an enemy's chief weapon is in itself a part of
: victory.

More one-sentence paragraphs.  It's starting to lose its effect, Ron.

:      To cease to be the effect of classification and become
: in our turn the cause of it, the classifier, is to win the
: propaganda game.

More Orwellesque control of the language to control the thoughts.

:      Our propaganda is dirty but it is not black because it is
: true.  Black propaganda is essentially false.

Well thanks, Ron.  Now I get it.  The other people lie but we don't.
Our propaganda is merely dirty and not black.  If it's merely dirty, I
can put it in a washing machine and hang it on a line in the sunshine to
dry and there it is, good as new!

:      We can do this trick by survey and attack.  As what is
: attacked is already popularly evil, we become re-classified as
: attackers and the enemy as bad hats as they're _for_ the evil
: if they attack us.

:      We won't be running a _black_ campaign as we deal in
: truth.

Scientology does not lie.  Ron said so!

:      Black campaigns ARC break people since they depend on
: false reports and are thus out-_R_.  Hence your dead agent
: actions work.

The irony.  Dead Agent packs ARC break people BECAUSE they are out-R.

Here's the tek for Ron to follow but Ron doesn't have to be consistent.
He just has to make money.

:      We just run propaganda campaigns.
:      The objective is to be identified as attackers of
: popularly considered evils.  This de-classifies us from former
: labels.  It re-classifies our attackers as evil people.  Which
: they are.

Here is the reason behind their attacks on electroshock, forced
admission to mental hospitals, etc.  The public _agrees_ with them.  If
Scientology is positioned as an attacker of popularly-identified evils
(the war on drugs comes to mind), they look better in the eyes of
society.  In current events, we have Chick Corea, Travolta,
testifying on "religious intolerance" before Congress.  This is the
angle that Scientology uses in Germany as well.

:      In the book _Black_Boomerang_ by Sefton Delmer (1962)
: published by Secker and Warburg, London, Delmer gives various
: formulas of black propaganda used in WW II.  They used
: _intelligence_ to get enough facts to run a convincing but
: fake "German radio station" from England.

Sea Ogre thinks, "wow, Ron sure does read a lot of books."

:      Since WW II psychiatry has moved its techniques into
: advertising and propaganda and the think of these is in the
: Szasz references above.

"the think of these is ...".  Hubbard never felt constrained by English
when writing for his adoring followers.

Again, psychiatry is behind all the mind control.  "Look over there!  It
isn't us!"

:      So we
:      1) Seek to avoid opportunities for the enemy to classify
:         us.
:      2) Contest or expose any previous classification as
:         false (dead agentry, etc.)
:      3) Engage in a series of campaigns which confuse past
:         classification,
:      4) Achieve for ourselves a dominance in classifying
:         ourselves and others.

Here, Hubbard has imagined a conspiracy against him.  The psyches are
out to get him.  Therefore, he will use the "tek" he has imagined THEY
are using against them.  This is what makes paranoid schizophrenics so
unpredictable and dangerous.

Again, Hubbard's Orwellesque use of language vs thought is chilling.

: --page break--

: OSA NWO 15                  -3-

:      Out of this strategic planning can come operating
: policies and campaigns.

Hubbard intends to act.

:                                      L. RON HUBBARD
:                                      Founder

Hubbard wrote Guardian Orders.  These orders are being recycled for use
by OSA.  There should be no doubt that the two organizations are the
same; the names were changed to confuse the innocent.

:                                      Adopted as official
:                                      Church policy by
:                                      CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY
:                                      INTERNATIONAL

Adopted as OFFICIAL CHURCH POLICY.  Why would a legitimate Church be
worried about what the AMA is saying about them?  Why would the AMA care
about what a Church is doing?  Why would a church care about propaganda,
"black" or otherwise?

: LRH:CSI:jk:ta:

Hubbard:Church of Scientology International:Jane Kember(Guardian WorldWide):

I don't know who "ta" is.  Probably the person charged with typing this

Perry Scott
Co$ Escapee

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