Pig Meat #7, Sep 1995

Original is at http://www.netspace.net.au/~pigmeat/7/scientology.html. I would very much welcome any further information on the alleged arson mentioned. Scientology reply posting to a.r.s is at the end.


Scientology - The modern science of mental health was started in 1950 by a science-fiction writer Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

Two years before starting his church Hubbard was quoted as saying: "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion." That is precisely what he did. To him it was just a cynical money-making experiment in people manipulation.

The Church has now spread world wide, even though it's founder is dead. And yes, he was right, it was the quickest way to make a million.

There is a branch of the church right here in Perth. They obtain potential recruits by posing as innocent looking street surveyors, mainly on the corner of King and Hay street (their office is in King street). They look out for the right sort of person, mainly the young and influential. Then they strike, asking if you would take part in their survey. On completing the survey, people are asked to accompany the Scientologist back to their office to have the answers analysed for free. Upon arriving at their office you are asked to answer a few more questions for a personality test. They tell you it won't take five minutes. In actual fact this can take up to two hours, with 200 questions to answer.

The Scientologists always conclude from the personality test that you have problems, which should be treated by them. This treatment is done through a series of courses and books, each costing more than the previous one. They ask you to pay in advance, so there was less chance you would miss a lesson, thus keeping in touch with the church regularly and staying open for more courses and more books.

The Church of Scientology has been involved with many law suits over the years. The action involved allegations of blackmail, lies, fraud, invasion of privacy and family break-ups. One young man converted by the church after a street survey, gave them all his money and then worked for them in another state. His father trying to talk his son out of it was told by the church that his son didn't want to see or speak to him again. This upset the father so much that he set fire to one of the churches offices with petrol.

This church like many other money hungry sham cults is getting bigger and richer every year, Since they are classified as a church they are tax-exempt.

One of the most famous Scientologists was Charley M. Manson, who used the Scientology brainwashing technique to convince his followers to kill for him.

Next time you are in town and are asked to participate in a survey, ask if it's for the Church of Scientology. Aye-men.

By Norman L. Bronkozwsk

Subject: Pig Meat
From: publicrelations@scientology.org
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 23:58:20 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

There was a posting regarding a Pig Meat magazine article from Perth,
Australia recently which contains a few common false reports.
I want to clear this up correct with the facts:

1)  Scientology started in 1954, not 1950.  Dianetics came out in 1950 and
was written by L. Ron Hubbard.	It has been a best seller and is still going
strong to this day.

2)  It was George Orwell, not L. Ron Hubbard who said "If a man really wanted
to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion". 
Orwell is another famous writer from the same era.  George Orwell's comment
has been misinterpreted more than once as Mr. Hubbard's statement to the
extent that it was brought before a court and sorted out with the conclusion
that this was said by Orwell.

3)   As far as Charles Manson being a famous Scientologist - I don't think so.
In fact I know this is false and was proven so  years ago.  Manson
never took a course or service in a Church of Scientology nor came near
one.  In 1971, Vincent T. Bugloisi,  the Los Angeles Deputy District
Attorney in charge of the Manson case said there was no evidence that
Charles Manson was a practicing member of the Church.

These kinds of false reports get repeated after they are printed in articles
as truth, passed  around in files and computers and one article is copied from
another without any real checking of facts.

So there you go.  I would be happy to make the documents available
if you send me an E mail.


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In reading Pig Meat #7 on Scientology, I have the following corrections to give to Norman L. Bronkozwsk - accuracy is the hallmark of a credible writer: 1. L.Ron Hubbard didn't form the Church of Scientology, others did. 2. Mr. Hubbard also never made the statement about making money from religion. This was made by author George Orwell in letters (published) to a friend. This has been the subject of a court case to stop the usage of the mis-quote. It is the most infamous mis-quote of all time. 3. Ron Hubbard, after his family, gave much of his estate to the Church upon his death. He was a successful writer in his own right. He never received money from fees paid to Scientology rganizations but forgave the Church's thirteen-million dollar debt when he retired. All of his research was funded from royalties from the sale of his books. The royalties from the continued sales of Mr. Hubbard's books and his estate are willed to the Church to help ensure the future application of his techology to the betterment of mankind. 4. The case of the son referred to in Pig Meat #7 who hid from his father in the Church - nothing could be more wrong. This father, whos son "didn't want to talk to him" while working for the Church, couldn't talk with him, because he had run away, having stolen $8,700 of parishioners money. Its no wonder the son hid from his father! The father incorrectly blamed the Church and not only that, then tried to set fire to a building with over 100 people in it and also stabbed a minister. Nothing justifies crimes of violence. Nothing. Regards, Brian. brianjohnston@hotmail.com

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