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Xenu The Magazine: CoS reply to go in NoName #6

David Gerard, 23 Oct 1995

From: (David Gerard)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Xenu The Magazine: CoS reply to go in NoName #6
Date: 23 Oct 1995 18:54:10 +1000
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Well, I told 'em they could do 2500 words, and they gave us just 2000.

It isn't an attack on me or anyone else, nor *directly* addressing the
disputed points. It's got some bits that any experienced CoS critic
will giggle at. There's also a plug for 'Freedom' and the Church's
human rights work near the end.

My analysis: it's a public relations reply, designed to give the Church
slant for the uninformed. I actually don't mind printing this at all.

Preprinted from 'NoName' (student paper of Victoria University of
Technology, Footscray), October/November 1995.

See the article itself here.
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