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DOC: NEWS: Xenu The Magazine 10/95: Revolt In The Stars

David Gerard, 11 Oct 1995

From: (David Gerard)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: DOC: NEWS: Xenu The Magazine 10/95: Revolt In The Stars
Date: 11 Oct 1995 20:04:39 +1000
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Here's the article itself. All quotes (from the LA Times and from da Pope's
Clam FAQ) are in Futura Book 7pt, the rest is in Times 9pt. The article is
a single page full of text. Printed in red (I was hoping for green, but
oh well) behind is the picture of an ocean liner amongst spaceships from 
the back of the UK paperback of Bare Faced Messiah.

Defects in the article:

* I didn't name the Church Web page. Will have to print it in the reply they
will obviously be demanding.

* Contradiction. I talk of respecting the belief as a belief, then say the
1965-82 banning was 'quite right'. Dunno why I said that, 'cos I'm not so
sure of it now. On the other hand, it did put the fear of God into 'em;
and they did keep operating as the Church Of The New Faith that entire time.

* A bit snide. This doesn't maintain face.

* The 'a.r.s. Central Committee' thing at the end was a bad idea. We know
it's a joke; the outside world may or may not. Bet they try to use it as
a shred of evidence in the RICO suit. Argh fuck!

* ... and, the silly finishing quote. Of course, that is relevant to the
Conspiracy Diagram in the centre pages of the paper.

Basically, it's not the bulletproof article with a ton of references at the
end I was intending to do some time or other. But, it's not that bad really.

Apologies to the Pope for not asking beforehand on the Clam FAQ. I was in
a hurry; please forgive me.

Your further comments on defects in the article are welcomed.

The Web version will be somewhere in

whenever they finally get around to putting it on the site.

Oh yeah, and anyone is welcome to use this anywhere they like. Copy at
will. I'm trying to get hold of the original Word file, formatting and
all; and the HTML should be available soon, of course.

See the article itself here.
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