Australian Critics of Scientology
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Scientology organisations in Australia: Brisbane

All images are self-linked JPEGs.

Photos and text by Neil Muspratt.

Church of Scientology
106 Edward Street, Brisbane 4000
phone: (07) 3229 8407
Dianetics: (07) 3229 8602

Hubbard College of Administration
12b Parkview Street, Milton 4064
phone: (07) 3369 1422

[first shot - 25K JPEG]

1. This shot was taken from the Botanic Gardens end of Edward Street, looking back towards the centre of town. The building in question is on the left hand side. You'll recognise it from the next couple of shots.

[nice view - 18K JPEG]

2. Moving on up Edward Street, we come to the intersection with Mary Street. What a nice view there is across from the corner.

[Brisbane org - 17K JPEG]

3. Just a little further up, past the local Subway franchise (Yum, big sandwiches!), the tourist suddenly turns around and is confronted with ... does that sign say "Scientology"? They're here too?

There's only one way in, a single door at street level. The offices are on level two. Does the intrepid cameraman venture inside? Not on your life.

[dump - 28K JPEG] [Brisbane org without SCIENTOLOGY sign - 8K JPEG]

4. Further on, we come to the intersection with Charlotte Street and cross over. Now safe from enturbulation, we pause to take one parting shot of the place. What a dump.

5. The Brisbane bOrg, now sans its SCIENTOLOGY sign.

[HCA Brisbane - 'For Lease' - 26K JPEG]

6. The Hubbard College of Administration at Milton, deserted and locked up when I paid them a visit around 13:30 on a Thursday afternoon.

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