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Australia: LRH quotes in Adelaide

David Gerard, Wed 07 Jan 1998

From: (David Gerard)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Australia: LRH quotes in Adelaide
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 03:03:41 GMT
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Just forwarded to me.

There must be someone suitable to complain to. Any Adelaide lurkers wish to make suggestions? (Forward 'em via me if you don't want to out yourself ;-)

Subject: rant

What follows is nothing more than one of those annoying curiosities that one is sometimes faced with in this 'orrid existence we call Liff ...

The Planter Boxes Outside Annesley College By The Tram Stop

I apologise in advance to XX, who is, no doubt, trying his darndest to escape the place for a few days yet ...
but on to the matter at hand - the planter boxes.

At first, on my daily trips past in the tram these were nothing more than grey mundane concrete rings, in which was set a plant ... an urban planning nightmare, unless you happen to have shares in CSR, or Hardies Building Supplies.

But later I noticed some people were 'doing things' to these planters. "How cute," thinks I, "they're attempting to brighten up the planters with some community art".

Which indeed they were, what's more it was a group of aboriginals and aryans doing aboriginal dot painting art, just to get the right amount of 'grass roots culture' into the whole thing, a couple of quotes or phrases were also painted on there ... just the right thing to inspire the young minds who must every day pass through that tram stop twice.

Fine until I actually try and read these quotes, and realise that they have been attributed to someone, a one L. Ron Hubbard. (If you don't know who this is then tough, go and find out the hard way - stand on Waymouth St/King William Street corner for a bit.)

Now, what I want to know is does anyone else find this slightly disturbing,

  1. That these quotes were mixed with Aboriginal Art
  2. Was this a council sponsored thing or was this the $ church's own initiative
  3. That these are next to a school ...

Leave you to ponder,

"Because you can't cotton to evil. No sir. You have to smack evil on the nose with the rolled-up newspaper of justice and say, 'Bad evil. Bad, BAD evil.'"

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