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NZ Census: L. Ron Hubbard less popular than Satan

David Gerard, Thu 01 Oct 1998

From: (David Gerard)
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Subject: NZ Census: L. Ron Hubbard less popular than Satan
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 10:23:38 GMT
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Hot on the heels of the Australian 1996 data, I have New Zealand data for the last three censuses!

Note that Scientology is Expanding!

This is from a Christian page, not a Government one.

NZ census data

Scientology 1986: 189; 1991: 207; 1996: 213

Source of information: Statistics New Zealand.

Satanist: 240; 645; 903.
Mormon: 37,143; 48,009; 41,169.
Christian Science: 369; 318; 288.
Hare Krishna: 399; 375; 255.
Unification: 90; 87; 132.

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