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Micro$oft Internot Exploder flame page

Installing MSIE and then trying to repair the damage it inflicted was a hideous experience, and that was just with version 3. And to think I did it all for you, the Web-reading public!

If anyone has a good MSIE Flame Page or several for me to link to, I would most welcome the opportunity. In the meantime, here's a post from Sherilyn.

Subject: Microsoft Internet Explorer Insecurity Syndrome? Just Click it Away 
From: Sherilyn <>
Newsgroups: demon.service

Malcolm Muir <> writes
>The effect of the problem is that it is possible for a WWW Site to
>place a link on a page that when followed causes a program to be
>executed on your machine.

>Microsoft 'strongly recommends that users download the fix to protect
>their computers'. 'A malicious coder', they say, 'could potentially
>take advantage of the breach to access a user's PC.'

Not so much a problem as a golden opportunity.  I hope Demon will be the
first ISP to offer the users of its approved browser a URL to which they
can connect to have the problem solve itself:

<A HREF=uninstall.lnk>Click here to UNINSTALL Microsoft Internet

Here's to Microsoft, inventor of self-fixing bugs. :)

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