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The Finer Uses of Props when Picketing

As demonstrated by the

Text by Dave Bird.

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[snap snap snap - 27K JPEG]

THE BOGSEAT CLAM (modeled by Steve A). A grey toilet seat of this type has a down-curved lip on the top lid, and studs which keep it always about half an inch open: so you can snap it loudly open-and-closed like a clam without trapping your fingers. The cost about UK£20/US$32/Oz$40 from builders' merchants. Why clams? see the Clam FAQ.
[Dave with Duke - 19K JPEG]

DUKE THE DOG (modeled by Dave Bird). The large pulltoy dog comes from the international chain Toys-R-Us and costs UK£35/US$56/Oz$70. Water wings are from the baby section of Boots the chemists and cost 2 x UK£4/US$7/Oz$8. There is a noninflated vertical crimp you can cut through to put them round the dog's legs, then tape back together with 2" broad transparent tape. [I understand you upside-downers call it "durex", which is a brand of contraceptive here, so let's just keep it as transparent tape.]

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