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Follow The Money!

H. Alan Montgomery, Eldon Braun, Wed 18 Mar 1998

From: (H Alan Montgomery)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: How Upsetting. There is No Way to Cause Co$ to Change. NOTs.
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 98 10:57:17 CST
Message-ID: <>

Jane Doe's arguments are real interesting. Basically she is saying that pickets are a waste of time, because the Co$ canNOT negotiate. The Co$ feels that to negotiate would be the first step to the end of their belief system.

The second segment of her argument is the REALLY interesting. The Co$ cannot be destroyed because the reorganization of the 1980's split off too many shell corporations that can be the source of a new Co$ should the old one be destroyed (admittedly she did not say this explicitly).

I find myself with a sense of deja vu. I remember reading as a kid thirty years ago where they said the same thing about Communism. "Communism has taken over seventy countries and NEVER has one country come back to freedom." Then what happened? The Communist system ran out of money. They just went broke. There was no negotiated settlement, Russia and all the other Communist HAD to change because they were on the verge of collapse. Admittedly Cuba and China and North Korea are holding on, but they are not sending out too many "armies of liberation" anymore.

The only way to cause the Co$ to change is cut off its cash flow. No other tactic will work. Picketing is cutting the line of PCs queuing up to squander their lives and money. Picketing will have a limited effect. WISE, ABLE, Narconon, Crimonon, etc. will have to have their cash flows decreased as well, before the Co$ changes.

At the present moment I do not see anyway to resolve our differences with Co$. The idea has come to me that we will have to start being more active in hunting their source of funds. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Okay. I will lay out a set of steps you might want to do that soon. The information is out there to choke off their cash flow from illicit or semi-illicit sources. The information is in OUR backyard. The only real task is to figure out where we put the digging implements to unearth them. The states have started putting all manner of corporate records online. The FDIC has bunches of information about directors of banks. The SEC has that data base of filings for IPOs. From what I hear the Canadian (Vancouver) Stock Exchange filing are REALLY SPECIAL. The hunt will begin soon.

From: (EldonB123)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: How Upsetting. There is No Way to Cause Co$ to Change. NOTs.
Date: 18 Mar 1998 18:33:19 GMT
Message-ID: <>

The idea has come to me that we will have to start being more active in hunting their source of funds. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Yes, this is correct. Money is what it's about, and that is what will bring them down, just as it did the Soviet Union. It disintegrated for mostly economic reasons. Ideology had little if anything to do with it.

A few suggestions:

  1. Bitch, moan and whine repeatedly at your congresspeople and the IRS about the secret settlement -- in violation of a Supreme Court decision that auditing is NOT tax exempt. This does not compute.

  2. Boycott Scientology celebrity movies and TV shows, and make it loudly known to the producers and sponsors. This is what Germans have been doing voluntarily out of respect for their government. Joke about and degrade John, Tom, Priscilla and the others mercilessly.

  3. Make life expensive for them. What's going on with that $190 million default in LA? How can you mercilessly chew up their lawyers' time at a few hundred bucks an hour? Moxon's fruitless trip to Norway recently was a real win. Probably $20,000 or more down the tubes right there--for nothing! Promulgate wild goose chases and snipe hunts by Cof$ shysters and PIs--just because they're so expensive.

To paraphrase the wisdom of LRH:


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