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Militant Aspects of Scientology at the Picket

Joe Cisar, Sun 15 Mar 1998

From: Xenu Mania <>
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Subject: Militant Aspects of Scientology at the Picket
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 11:45:58 -0500
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If you think that Scientology is a religion, read on. One of the main sources for the "technology" used by Scientology's OSA is a volume not by L. Ron Hubbard, but by a man named Carl Von Clausewitz, called "On War." He is also mandatory reading for the US Army War College and for officers of the US Marine Corps. Clausewitz does not discuss religious philosophy, as evidenced by a short excerpt:

"Engagements mean fighting. The object of fighting is the destruction or defeat of the enemy. The enemy in the individual engagement is simply the opposing fighting force."

How does this apply to a picket at a Scientology "Church"? In my previous post you may have seen me refer to OSA as "drones." Drones can be manned or unmanned. Two primary purposes of a drone are:

1. recon, and

2. target.

  1. The purpose of reconnaissance (recon) is to collect intelligence, or information, which is to be used for military purposes. Front line intelligence includes:

    1. what group the person is attached to,

    2. how many are in his group,

    3. what equipment does he carry/what is its capacity,

    4. what direction is he moving in,

    5. what can be used against him, etc. (I don't tell OSA any more than they already know.)

    Here is how a OSA recon drone uses the above in actual practice when he moves in on a picketer:

    1. What group(s) is the picketer attached to: (the picketer may be an Internet person, may be former CAN, may be former Sea Org, etc.

    2. How many are in his group: just count the picketers, and see who among them talks to each other.

    3. What equipment does he carry/what is the capacity of his weapons, I mean equipment: He obviously carries a picket sign, he also may be carrying a camera (in view) or a tape recorder (not in view), etc.

    4. The direction the picketer is moving in is used for passive blocking purposes, i.e. the drone positioning himself so that the picketer has to walk around the drone.

    5. What can be used against the picketer is anything the picketer is struggling against, such as wind, the geographic location, any physical impediments can be pointed out. If the picketer is put off balance, it is sometimes easier to get more information from him.

    The manned drones are directed by a squadron leader who, in turn, reports to a line officer. Depending on the number of people available, the line officer will report to the operations officer, who is the guy in the war room with the battle plans. Depending on what the operations officer receives from his recon units, he may send out target drones.

  2. The purpose of a target drone is to draw fire. This is an extension of 1(c) and 1(e) above, but it gets much more complex. The operations officer wants to see what the Rules of Engagement are for the opposing forces. I will not go into that at this time.

  3. After military intelligence has been gathered, and after the target drones have been sent out to draw fire, the operations officer makes a decision as to whether he may take any action or not.

Here is what I saw: A police car had been called, apparently by Scientology. The police persons paid attention at first, but saw no legal reason to intervene on anybody's behalf. After the recon drones had been sent out and were pulled back, the target drones (invalidations drones, manned by the same people) were sent out. The target drone was practicing an "in-your-face" style form of intimidation which had obviously been rehearsed, but then some picketers, including me, picked up an OSA "shadow." The "shadow" was close enough to hear what was being said between the picketer and the target drone, but not within arm's reach.

The "shadow" was not a recon drone, because recon had already been done. He wasn't a target drone because he was silent. He only listened. What was he waiting for -- "If you don't get out of my way I'm going to walk over you" -- Voila! There you have it, a picketer threatening the use of physical violence, with a (Scientology) witness and with a police car at their beck and call. "Find or manufacture" evidence of a crime.

I know it's crazy. Scientology is, after all, a religion. The IRS says so. But if you want to understand what they are doing, study up on military strategy.

Joe Cisar

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