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Dave Bird, 10 Oct 1998

From: Dave Bird <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: bull-baiting (was Re: Toronto Picket Report by Wulfen: October 18 1998)
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 01:53:02 +0100
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In article <4MPW1.128$!>, l.l.lipshitz <> writes

| Second, the Scientologists were doing their best to be real bastards
| this time. One kept saying to Gregg, "I'm going to expose you." Gregg
| called the police officer over, and complained.. It's funny, but when
| the police officer stayed for a while, the Scientologist cut it out.
| He did the same thing to me later.. Saying "Get a life. Get a life.
| Get a life." over and over and over. Pertinent question: Why wouldn't
| he do this in front of the police officer? Is he afraid that his
| Repeated and Vexatious conduct might be seen as harassment (R and V
| is the legal definition of the term, as far as I know, I Am Not A
| Lawyer) ?

this repetitious shouting in one's face is bull-baiting, right? and scnists are schooled in this behavior...except i thought they learned how to endure/ignore it and not how to deliver it.

People often do TRs in pairs, i.e, first A stares while B shouts, then afterwards B stares while A shouts; they learn to both take and give bullbaiting. Ways to counter it below ...

i assume there is an official scn-taught response to bull-baiting...have any picketers employed it when a scnist (such as the one described above) is bellowing at them? if so, what was the scnist's reaction?

The official Scn response is that you learn to act in a psychotic, i.e. to detach how you act or say from having any normal feelings or awareness of the other's feelings, and put them under conscious control for manipulating people. The psychotic is "social cheat" who knows the normal give and take of behaviour [i.e. that you will tend to answer questions or comply with urgent-sounding instructions expecting this to be a two-way street], quickly "takes" the response then moves on before you know what happened.

Some possible responses are:

(1) Do what a clam would do. If they gaze straight at you to intimidate them, then match their gaze for longer. If they bullbait you then just smile and make no response. You can also bullbait them about dead-space aliens, Hubbard being a no-good wife-beater, etc. If they fail to meet your gaze, or flinch at the bullbaiting, then call out "FLUNK! for turning away" etc :->

(2) Show you are a normal human being: if they make you angry, then use the anger constructively. NEVER LET THEM PROVOKE YOU INTO "LOSING YOUR COOL" BY STRIKING THEM OR MAKING HASTY MISJUDGEMENTS. But go on with restrained anger - say "now I am going to extend my picket for an extra hour", launch into a furious flow of invective about space aliens, Hubbard, Lisa, etcetera. Make them regret provoking you!

(3) There are various ways to break up the game, point out what that are doing, and say "come off it". Say with complete calm that you're not going to obey orders from them just because they puff themselves up like a bullfrog, you don't see why you should answer questions about your private business, you're not in the least fazed by their silly shouting so they might as well give up now. They'll say "all right, then" and switch off the feigned attitude when they see it isn't working. Likewise if they want to tie you up to stop you talking to the public, you just say "well I've said all I have to say to you for a while, thank you, now I am going to give out some leaflets."

(4) A more dramatic version is to show that their methods aren't working and you have complete contempt for those methods is to do something unexpected and unnerving, such as give a sudden loud belch or a Donald Duck impression or fall about laughing at them. Beware, you may knock them so far off balance that THEY lose their cool and try to strike you.

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