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LRH predicts OT levels will be exposed

Roland Rashleigh-Berry, Sun 22 Feb 1998

From: Roland <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: LRH predicts OT levels will be exposed
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 10:57:43 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Ted Mayett (KOX) wrote:

On Sun, 22 Feb 1998 00:03:21 +0000, Roland <> wrote:

> wrote:

> > I like this story. Here was a big religion that had the whole
> > community in awe, with a huge organization that even included guards.
> > The great mystery of the religion had been kept securely hidden from
> > all but the highly initiated. And yet, when the initiated saw the
> > mystery, they stayed as members. When the mystery was finally
> > revealed to the public, it was seen to be actually nothing and the
> > religion deflated.

> > This seems like the story of the internet and the OT levels to me.

> That is exactly right. Scienos are embarrassed about the OT levels
> but they stick with it because they can save face because it is a
> mystery. But when they realise that the public know about these OT
> levels then the whole thing collapses. Once the Xemu cartoon has
> thoroughly done the rounds then the Co$ will collapse.

I'll never forget one particular picket when some wise guy OT8 gave me some speech in front of the org. I let him have his say, when he walked away feeling like a winner I yelled that I had read the OT levels. The fool was devastated. Totally devastated. It would have to have been seen to be appreciated. He had looked right at me to see If I were speaking the truth, he looked and knew I was.

The scieno OTs have no understanding of the internet and what can be found there regarding their secret levels. If the OTs knew that the public knew then that would cause an immediate collapse of the Co$. The whole thing relies on the secrets being maintained and enforced.

It goes like this. They do OT I and OT II and then they have their doubts about it all. But they see others who have done higher levels and assume that OT I & II are the warm-up for the real stuff. So they stay and hope. They get onto OT III. They then realise something is terribly wrong. But they get through it. After that they feel they must draw a shutter up against the world since if the public knew about this level and its content then the public would all realise that they were complete fools. They also have to maintain their standing with their fellow Scientologists (whom they know many will never make it to that level) and so they keep it a secret from them and help maintain the aura of mystery and power. The OTs are now effectively cut off from the public and other Scientologists lower down the Bridge. They will strut about as if something marvelous has happened in their lives. But it is all held in place by the OT III stuff and beyond being a mystery. Whether OT III is known to the public or not makes the difference between them keeping face and maintaining their act and self-respect and them looking like the true fools they are.

OTs dare not go near the internet for the simple reason that they are afraid to find out that the public already knows about their stupidity in doing OT III. The only scienos you get here are way down the Bridge. Way below Clear, because if they had "attained" the state of Clear they would already be having doubts about it all for the simple reason that when they reach that level they are told that they are "at risk" and must go on to do OT III. So they achieved a level which seems to have no value in itself, after s many years and so much money spent.

When I have picketing I try to talk to the OTs. They try to lie their way around the OT III story. They tell me that everything on the internet is lies (they always seem to forget their own presence on the internet) and that the people who post these supposed secrets are criminal liars and the real OT levels are nothing like that. That is why I like to have the Xemu leaflet handy and show them the part of the first page of handwritten OT III. That does shock them.

When I picket I have taken to shouting out loud "Scientology says you are full of dead space aliens". It gets to them. I have a loud voice so it gets to all the students on course as well. Now the OTs there know that some of the scienos have access to the internet. They know that they might do a bt of searching and find something there that they would rather were kept quiet.

The Co$ is teetering at the edge of the precipice. The only thing keeping it from falling is their OTs being convinced that the public doesn't know all about the OT levels and especially OT III. That is why I think it is a good idea to give out Xemu flyers and Space-Alien Scam flyers at pickets and make a big noise about it. It destroys the morale of the OTs who are running the whole show.

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