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10 steps for successful picketing

Jeff Jacobsen, 23 Aug 1997

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: 10 steps for successful picketing
Date: 23 Aug 1997 12:26:00 -0700
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I've just finished reading Gandhi: Prisoner of Hope, by Judith M. Brown (1989: Yale University Press). This is the third book on Gandhi I've read. I think we as critics of Scientology can learn a lot from Gandhi's theories of using non-violent means to confront an evil organization.

I don't agree with all of Gandhi Tech (tm) and have instead gleaned some ideas that I think are good for us to follow, plus mixed my own ideas as well:

  1. keep the moral high ground. There should be no distinction between ends and means.

  2. stress non-violence. Be willing to absorb evil from the other side, but always maintain non-violence on your side.

  3. keep the focus of the event narrow. Keep the goal simple and clear.

  4. Use the media wisely and carefully. The media are as essential as any other part of the event.

  5. pay attention to details.

  6. keep it cheap.

  7. create your event in such a way that the other side will show its true colors.

  8. rely on a core of people (but be happy with a large group).

  9. you have to have local people in your group.

  10. aim for changing the hearts of your opponent, speaking to the members of the group, not the leaders. This is a long-term goal that of course can't be completed by just one event.

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