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Stat-Busting Pickets and Heavy Ethics

Roland Rashleigh-Berry, Sun 17 Aug 1997

From: Roland <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Stat-Busting Pickets and Heavy Ethics
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 01:36:52 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Insectus Pentius wrote:

Dave Bird---St Hippo of Augustine ( wrote:

: Hubbard's system including heavy ethics CAN work, if the whole thing can be applied. Part of which is that they terrify media, critics and public out of making open protest against them. Heavy ethics can work if the situation is recoverable, they keep their basic confidence, and there is no visible challenge to undermine them.

: Both protests and media can undermine their confidence; can empower the public to show their dislike; and can depress recruitment below the possibility of recovery. Additionally, material such as XEMU can directly attack their confidence in the scam.

: Once they have such factors as internal doubts, visible expression of scorn for them, or irrecoverable drops in recruitment ... then heavy ethics ceases to work and makes people blow instead.

That's the exact theory. If all the picketers and critics exploit the bug in the Ethics(tm), that would cause staff to blow, and there would be no more income feeding the cult. The high echelons of the cult realise this, which is why they so feverishly try to silence opponents. Until the Internet, and that bloke SCAMIZDAT, the cult was succeeding, but one leak was enough to start the snowballing effect. Stuff like Lisa's death in Newsweek only hurts the cult that much more, as it exposes it to the potential market.

The genie got out of the bottle, and the cult's KGB can't put it back.

I have said a number of times that the only way to reform the cult is not to appeal to it's better nature (cos it ain't got one) but to close it down. And since there are only a few of us doing this then to use all the help we can get. The biggest helper in this is the tech and the Sea Ogres. Crash their stats three weeks in a row and Sea Org heavy ethics gets applied to the staff. They get threatened. But if they have read the Xemu leaflet they are immunised to a large degree.

I hope people who picket orgs will bear this in mind. There is a magic three week period. If an org is downstat for three consecutive weeks then it is heavy ethics time.

If people got themselves organised and crashed an orgs stats over a period as well as getting the Xemu leaflet to them then they would succeed in closing down any org - no matter how large.


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