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The Xemu Leaflet

Dave Bird, Thu 14 Aug 1997

From: Dave Bird---St Hippo of Augustine <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: The Xemu Leaflet
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 21:28:17 +0100
Message-ID: <9TNba$>

In article <>, Roland <> writes:

I hope people will continue to use the Xemu leaflet as part of their protests and pickets in the future until the menace of Scientology has been erased.

I agree with everything in this post. I came along and saw a bunch of authoritarian fanatics trying to shut down anyone who criticised them or exposed their stupid secrets. Red rag to a bull. That those secrets were kept so chumps could be fleeced for profit, and that they were prepared to injure or harass, only confirmed my resolve: I want to stop them censoring. And, given what else I've seen, I want to stop them defrauding and injuring too. Probably that means the organisation must be smashed if it is incapable of reform short of that. I'm not wildly motivated to convince people it's beliefs are stupid--they can work that out for themselves -- as an end; but sometimes it can be a damn good means of doing the other things.

The image of XEMU in costume, on posters and on promo goods -- badges, tee shirts, balloons -- as it makes people ask questions and keys in to a short description of who XEMU was -- is very important (and likewise to a lesser extent BTs). This was was got you beat up, or armed thugs kicking down your door, for daring to mention it a couple of years ago. This is what low level clams aren't told about and don't dare read about for fear of pneumonia. Openly displaying it has several effects.

It tells public the secret so they won't be conned. It also enables and encourages them that they can can defy Scn and get away with it. It discourages low level clams directly by sowing seeds of doubt. And, more importantly, the exposing and scorning of their secrets, and a public enabled to SHOW dislike openly, breaks that magic confidence. It gets the message through that people hate them for what they're doing, that what they're doing may not be good or worthwhile but absurd ... and that's the key. So long as the illusion is maintained, heavy ethics can work. As soon as the illusion is broken, heavy ethics makes members blow faster.

Also, don't expect instant results. Bend a twig and it is bent but so what, bend it more it is more bent but still so what, then SUDDENLY it snaps open. That's the way this will be: progressive damage apparently without much effect now is leading towards a collapse which, when it comes, will be sudden and complete.

In article <>, Roland <> writes:

Get the public laughing at the stupidity of Xemu and other Hubbard nonsense and you will go a long way to destroying the influence Co$ has on their own members. Then the Co$ will die. Then we can all party.
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