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Picket Report, Canberra, Oct 7

Goombaj, Thu 07 Oct 1999

Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 15:05:27 +1000
From: (Goombaj)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Picket Report, Canberra, Oct 7
Message-ID: <>

Today, (Oct 7), Goombaj, Xemuson, Fier, Fier's Mother, (The sister of Fier
took Photo's and the brother of Fier hung aroun for moral support), 
picketed The Org in Canberra, Australia, from 11:50am-2pm.
A sextet of suppresives, a record for the year!!
About 230 flyers, (Space alien scam, insane cult, Xemu,  and one of
Xemusons creation) were handed out.

Xemuson and Goombaj ran into each other in the library before the picket,
and who should they meet, but Lara, (OSA), poking through the Newspaper,
unitl she came over and said hello.A bit later, Anna strolled past,
clipboard in hand, and also stopped in for a chat.
It was at this time, that the picketers saw the table that was being set
up outside the org.
Xemuson and Goombaj then decided it was time to start the picket.A sign
was grabbed from the store nearby, and flyers started to be handed out.One
of the 'New' clams came out to handle us, resulting in Xemuson going over
to chat with him, which, in turn, let to the poor clammy walking back to
the Org in shame.(Some of the crowd actually sledging him as he walked
off, you had to be there!).

At about 12:10, Fier bounded up, bearing three signs, and a pile of flyers.
A few minutes after Fiers, arrival, his sister and mother appeared, keen
for the picket.With 5 picketers, (4 w/signs, and one taking photo's), the
clams appeared to take it a little harshly, and poor old Jamie(the
afforementioned handler), joined us with an inferior sign, covered in
gibberish.(One side said somethng about an 'axalotl', and I cannot recall
what the other side said)

The usual Clams were present, (Anna, Lara, Jeanette(?), plus others who I
can't remember) but as an extra suprise, there was not one, but two sea
ogres,(One I'd seen at my first picket, while the other I hadn't seen
before), who were present at differing times during the picket.

Also about the place were 'Kiddie Clams', who spent most of the time
hiving out ballons.I'd guess there was a dozen or so about the place.The
Sea Ogre and Lara seemed to become a little Enturbuated when the word
'Xenu' was mebtioned near them.(I'll let Fier or Xemuson extend that part

Throughout the picket, Lara was busy with here two camera's, and
scribbling in here little book.

The reception of the public was extremely good, with most either taking
flyers, or congratulating us.

Things went on pretty smoothly for the rest of thr picket, with picketer
alternatiin between 'Cult Corner', and strolling down past the table
outside the org.

At the end of the icket, when some christian guy came up for a chat, Lara
came up to berate us, (a first for a couple of pickets), but I wasn't
paying much attention to it, as I was chatting to a guy I knew when he was
a student.

On the side, after we left the picket, we discovered a discarded
"Psychiatry destroys minds" booklet on a bench, which Goombaj is about to
flick through.

Aside form that, I'll leave it up to Xemuson and Fier to add thier bits to
the report.


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