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Canberra AUS org picket

Joseph, Thu 09 Sep 1999

From: (Joseph)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Canberra AUS org picket
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 06:00:22 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Todays picket went pretty well. We started about 12pm with 2 signs and
loads of Xenu and 'why we picket' leaflets. At the start there was
just the 3 of us and the one ronbot (the ethics officer). We started
handing out leafletsand he was handing out his. We provide one of ours
for every one of his. After about a 1/2 hour another woman appeared
who Hemi identified as 'OSA' - Lara. She started taking loads of
pictures of us, but strangely enough didn't seem to want hers taken? 
I found that the best line for attracting peoples attention was

"Did you know that you're full of dead space aliens?"

By 2pm there was the 3 of us on the Critics team and on the Co$ bench
there was

The Ethics Officer
OSA - Lara
Cultie- Anna
Cultie 1
Cultie 2
Cultie 3
Cultie 4
And THE head of the org. 

The highlight (for me) was that were some 'Sons of Jesus Christ' doing
their rounds and they asked to see the 'Why we picket leaflet' The 
SoJC definately liked the 'Christ was an implant' bit!!!

Hemi's sign caused a bit of grief when the air deflecting of it
'assaulted' the Head of the org! (It was no-where near him)

There was some reasonable discussion between us and the EO
including quote of the day

>'What about the Oxford capacity analysis being written by a merchant sailor?"
>"We didn't write it. It is a psychological profile test" EO
>"But doesn't Scientology rebuke psychology?" -ME

That ellicited the 'stare' from the EO as he was handing out flyers
about 'Psychiatry Kills' and another about psychology!

Cultie Anna insisted on telling us that Hemi does nasty things to
SHEEP!???? And that we had 'child abuse' flyers (I had one as it was a
leaflet swap with a child abuse support group) was somehow indicative
of our own sexual practices.

I managed to lock down one cultie in discussion and he told me about
how scientology has helped him. So I asked him if it had really been
the courses or was he so determined that he was improving HIMSELF
WITHOUT THEIR HELP. Shortly after this OSA Lara grabbed said cultie
and they had a chat....

OSA Lara followed us around taking heaps of photos (and I took heaps
of her) untill I said 

>"Don't you have better things to do than follow us SP's around?"
She didn't seem to like that.

All in all it went off really well (for a small picket) with plenty of
photos, pissed of christians, people shaking our hands for fighting
CO$ and plenty questions about the Co$ being answered by us and Co$
(Lots of people loved the Xemu leaflet).

Expect piccys and website soonish...

Xemu is power!!


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