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Canberra org protest/picket/leaflet dissemination

Louise Cook, Thu 22 Jul 1999

From: Louise Cook
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Canberra org protest/picket/leaflet dissemination
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 13:05:37 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Thursday, 22nd July 1999, 12 noon.

A spontaneous and impromptu gathering of two critics,  Louise Cook and
Fier outside the Canberra org (Australia) resulted in the handing out
of 100 copies of the Xemu flyer.  

The reaction of the Scientology staffers and Scientology publics to
the leaflet distribution was at first very antagonistic and resulted
in the counter distribution of many full colour glossy 16 page "What
is Scientology" booklet.

I was surprised at the number of Scientologists present to distribute
these leaflets, more than I have seen at any event.  I was also
surprised by the lack of communication skills displayed by many of the
counter distributors, many resorting to personal attacks and ridicule,
instead of addressing the relevant issues.

Renate Christie tried very hard to taunt me with ridicule, accusing me
of having blue doll eyes, ahem dull eyes, and calling me insane and
claiming I had been institutionalised.  She was very silly and was an
embarrassment to herself, not me, as her accusations had no basis in
truth.   She called me a floozie amongst other things.  She kept
yelling in my face ~What are your crimes?~  She even told me that she
was insane (??? She really made no sense and I am glad she made such a
spectacle of herself, it was very amusing).

Anna Detheridge  tried to rip up the Xemu flyers up leaping at Fier
and trying to grab them off him.  She kept telling me that the reason
I was there was that I no longer had Matt's penis up my arse.

Dean Detheridge resorted to using denegrading stories about Fier to
try to discredit him.  He claimed to be an Electrical Engineer with 5
years of Engineering studies completed at Sydney University,  and then
when I confronted him with the fact that he did not graduate and had
no claim to calling himself an engineer he then ammended his claim to
be a ~technician~.  He used the graphs with no scale on the axis in
*Clear Body Clear Mind* to *prove* that the purification rundown was
scientific and claimed that someone received the Nobel prize in 1970
for showing that niacin can cure insanity and said that it was *The
Church of Scientology* that exposed the head of interpol to be a SS
criminal.  I will be researching the veracity of these claims, can
anyone help who has heard these before?  He also claimed that Lisa
McPherson's coroner was being paid by some suppressive group.

James Anderson was very angry and antagonistic and yelled questions in
my face such as ~Who is paying you~ and  saying ~I want you to hit
me~.  He bombarded me with shouted questions yet refused to answer
simple questions himself such as ~What is your name?~ (I must admit
that I knew his name and the question was posed to test his veracity,
I figured that if he would not answer my questions, it was not worth
my time to answer his).  

Jeanette Lang was the most pathetic of the attempted abusers, at first
saying she did not want to talk to me and then when accompanied by
Dean, sprouted all sorts of assumptions and evaluations in a sarcastic
tone.  She assumed I was there because I could not handle my
relationships.  She was so off the mark I had to laugh at her
*evaluations*.  What happened to the ARC comm tech she paid money to

Basically I was insulted, denigrated, antagonized and insulted in a
manner far from becoming to the representatives of a *Church* in a
public situation.  I was amused rather than harassed however, as I had
imagined that with all the *communication tech* and *TR's* training
aswell as an understanding about tone levels that the behavior of the
staff and public would have been more reasonable and rational.

To their credit Lara Meney and Mal Carr acted in a rational and
responsible manner, arguing without personal slurs and confronting the
information we presented from a rational (albeit in my opinion
misguided and uniformed) standpoint.  

*If* I ever decide to *really* picket the org I will call the local
media and take along my own video camera, and I imagine the staff will
put on a more decent display.  I will also take along alot of
documentation such as the coroners report on Lisa McPherson, Hubbard's
naval records and pleas for medical assistance post Dianetics and
maybe my own list of lies and deceit the *Church* uses to sell it's
services, which is my main objection.  I mean, if the ~tech ~ is that
good why bother using lies to support it and why not subject  it to
independent trials?


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