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Melbourne Demo 16 Mar 1996 Photos

All images are self-linked GIFs.

[View of the crowd - 33K GIF]

1. The crowd, as viewed from up the street.

[Cultie git - 56K GIF] [Pat Wilson and presumed 'public' - 40K GIF]

2. Look! Off in the distance! It's the clueless cultie git, with his telephoto lens! Afraid to approach our entheta field, so powerful it could drop the body thetans from a rogue elephant with a glance! (ahem.) At least he had the lens cap off for this shot.

3. Pat Wilson, the public relations person, with what we assume was a yuppie-from-hell public member (who took over the camera from the clueless git).

[Demonstrator? - 24K GIF]

4. Identify this man and win a lollipop. (No, it's not 'Anthony Fore' - it'd better not be, anyway ... nor is it me - next shot.)

[Your Humble Narrator - 34K GIF]

5. Would you accept an entheta-dripping pamphlet from this man?

[Demonstrations against Scientology]