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Critical books, OSA action against

Ron Newman, Tue 23 Jun 1998

From: (Ron Newman)
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Subject: Re: Critical books, OSA action against (was The Cliffs' Notes version of the Ward Settlment Hearing)
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 09:53:43 -0400
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In article <359c447a.8842333@>, (David
Gerard) wrote:

> Here's what they did in Britain in the 1970s.
> Note that the Vosper and Rolph books did in fact come out (and are online).
> I would LOVE to know what happened with the others:
>    * "Satans Slaves"

I haven't seen this book, but here is the OCLC library card entry
for it.  It's in a very small number of US university libraries
and also in the British Library.

   AUTHOR: Taylor, James, fl. 1970.
    TITLE: Satan's slaves,
           and the bizarre 'underground' cults of California.
  EDITION: [1st NEL ed.
    PLACE: London]
PUBLISHER: New English Library
     YEAR: 1970
   FORMAT: 127 p. illus., ports.
   SERIES: New English Library, 2791
     ISBN: 0450004848
  SUBJECT: Manson, Charles.
           Los Angeles (Calif.) -- Moral conditions.

>    * "Scientology, what it is - what it does" by Rev. Morris Burrell

The correct name is Maurice Burrell.  This is a very rare book, but
I believe it can be found in the British Library and at Oxford.
Chris Owen, would you like to check it out and make a copy of it for the Web?

Maurice Burrell went on to write a number of other books about cults,
and I suspect that whatever was in this 1970 book was later incorporated
into his other writings.

Here's the library card entry:

   AUTHOR: Burrell, Maurice.
    TITLE: Scientology: what it is and what it does /
    PLACE: London :
PUBLISHER: Lakeland,
     YEAR: 1970
   FORMAT: 64 p. ; 18 cm.
     ISBN: 0551005513 (pbk)
  SUBJECT: Scientology.

>    * "20th Century Cults" by Dr. Christopher Evans

This book was published under the title "Cults of Unreason" and can
be found in many libraries.  About a third of this book is devoted
to Scientology.  It is easy to find and was published in multiple
editions, so I'm not going to bother with a library card entry.

Ron Newman   

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