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zoom in ... Whoever's Been Using This Bed
Format : CD single Tracks : 1... Whoever's Been Using This Bed
Release Date : 20 January 1997 2... Whoever's Been Using This Bed - The Jive Bunny Mix
Country : Australia 3... College Heart
Label : East West [0630162402] 4... Whoever's Been Using This Bed - Instrumental

Notes :

Track no 1 and 4 produced by Daniel Denholm. Engineered by Robbie Rowlands. Mixed by Brent Clark at Studios 301, Sydney April 1996. Credits : Batterham / Stevens (Black Pig Publishing)
Track no 2 remixed by Daniel Denholm.
Track no 3 recorded by Wayne Connolly at Periscope, Melbourne June 1995. Design The Earthmen / Layout and Artwork Rockin' Doodles / photography Wendy McDougall.



Single 0' The Week
It's like the great pop god in the sky came down and gave The Earthmen their most beautiful tune to date in return for their services rendered so far. Either that or they've made a pact with the songwriting Satan. This charming, chiming pop saviour deserves to go straight into the top ten and show Savage Garden a thing or 45. Indeed, if this isn't a hit they may as well pack up and become a Barnsey cover band. Comes with a remix and the great lost track College heart.
Beat (Melbourne), 22 January 1997. Cameron Adams
Melbourne's original Anglophiles try a third time for a hit from their upcoming major-label debut; this one's already scoring radio play and may well be The One. A fluffy 'n' jangly summer song that's slower to sink in than the should-have-been-a-hit previous single Hug Me Tighter, this is luscious, consummate pop from a band that's been perfecting the art for some time.
In Press (Melbourne), 15 January 1997. Anthony Horan.
This is a beauty! The hard-working and underrated band have delivered a glorious, melodic pop hit that has been duly recognised by radio. Hopefully, this will provide the stimulus for greater success from the forthcoming major label debut album. The Earthmen play many live gigs and the opportunity is there to see value-for-money pop rock.
Somewhere on the internet...
Unlucky in love? Who knows. Whatever changed the Earthmen from their Indie roots into major pop contenders, may it strike bands more often. Angelic voiced with a tune to kill for. Wait until you hear the album - any Britpop objectors will be struck dumb with its country tinged, string filled beauty. 4/5
Britpack, Issue 2, March 1997. Greg Wright
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