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zoom in ... Scene Stealer 
Format : CD single Tracks : Scene Stealer
Release Date : 4 March 1996 Call My Name
Country : Australia Kathleen    ^
Label : East West [0630136942]

Notes :

Scott Stevens. vocals Credits : Batterham / Stevens except ^ Mark Eitzel
Nick Batterham. guitars, organ, cello
Robert Cooper. bass
Derek John Yuen. drums on Scene Stealer Scene Stealer produced by Daniel Denholm / engineered by Brent Clark / recorded and mixed by Daniel Denholm and Brent Clark at Studios 301, Sydney.
Ben Bleechmore.drums on Call My Name Call My Name produced by Wayne Connolly and The Earthmen / recorded at Periscope Studios, Melbourne / mixed at Metropolis, Melbourne.
Steve Moffat. (appears courtesy of White Records) lead guitar on Call My Name Kathleen recorded by The Earthmen on 8 track
Josephine Vains. cello on Call My Name Photography Christine Pegg / Design & art Rockin' Doodles / Model Shainne Thomson.



The Earthmen have lived the rock myth for the past five years, unfortunately lately it's been more myth than rock. Tellingly, there's only two 'Men at work these days, but it seems the strongest have survived. Cunningly snapped up by Warner, Scene Stealer comes out of nowhere and straight into your head, all Boo Radleys-esque hooks and energy. B-sides Call My Name and American Music Club's Kathleen are surprisingly lively for a band long presumed dead.
Beat (Melbourne) , 6 March 1996, Cameron Adams.
The neat pop rock of Scene Stealer is the Earthmen's first outing as a new signing to Warner Music. It's melodic and infectious.
In Press (Melbourne), 20 March 1996, L.B. Birmingham.
Melbourne and The Earthmen have hit the 'Indie' big time with the release of their three track mini CD Scene Stealer. The CD is the first on The Earthmen's new label East West, and demonstrates an engaging mood swing between pure pop and sublime melancholoy from songswriters Nick Batterham and Scott Stevens.
The title track Scene Stealer bounces along to a buzzing guitar melody that would even make Rupert Murdock crack it for a smile! There is a hint of late eighties Britpop (a la Housematins) somewhere in this track but not to the point of being overly retro. Call My Name is much more sombre and features the wistful and understated vocals of Scott Stevens while Kathleen gets even moodier with its sixties acoustic sensibilities, subtle use of cello and spooky low level guitar effects.
Planet Magazine, March 1996. James Gardener.
A welcome taste of what's to come on the new album. Scene Stealer is clean pop - with the pretty harmonies that have presented themselves as a permanent trait of the band. Title track has the class of Ride's Twisterella with trademark Earthmen vocals all over it. Call My Name is a softer sweeter song with pretty guitars and Kathleen (a Mark Eitzel song: American Music Club) has some haunting echoes and clocking ticking effects, a home recording classic. Very impressive for their return to the scene.
Form Guide (Melbourne), April 1996, Louisa.

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