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zoom in ... Love Walks In
Format : CD single Tracks : Love Walks In
Release Date : November 1997 Last Train To Splitsville
Country : Australia Coloured In
Label : East West [3984209072] Credits : Batterham / Stevens (Black Pig Publishing)

Notes :

track one
..produced by Daniel Denholm
..engineered by Robbie Rowlands
..mixed by Brent Clark
..recorded and mixed at studios 301, Sydney
track two
8-track demo
..recorded by Tim Cleaver at ted's house o' sound
track three
..recorded live at the 'ladies lounge' by Craig Donarski for jjj
Artwork & Design : Ross Floate / Sub Atomic Media + The Earthmen


Is it getting boring talking about how criminally ignored The Earthmen have been this year? Tough. They've toured their lillywhite arses off, put out a stunning album and a string of singles that were born to be heard, even on commercial radio. This is the ballad, a huge, gorgeous creation that with strings that sing and no local equal since the days of the Go Betweens. Polished pop at its most seductive. Even quality bsides, the 'that can't be a demo' demo of Last Train To Splitsville and a live on JJJ Coloured In.
Beat (Melbourne), 12 November 1997. Cameron Adams.


Though you'd never believe it from seeing their decidedly casual live shows, The Earthmen have an innate talent for heart-on-sleeve love songs with plentiful drama and epic intentions. And this one's the most epic of the lot - a gentle opening builds to a crescendo of orchestral splendour the likes of which is rarely heard in this country, Scott Stevens letting fly with the kind of chorus vocal that keeps lighter manufacturers in business. The perfect antidote to Anthology Season.
In Press (Melbourne), 2 July 1997. Anthony Horan.

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